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I'm very excited about getting a Wii, but I also hope to retire my other, older systems. I've been looking into various Wii games, as well as WiiWare & VC, but I wanted to get the forum's suggestions. Here's what I've figured out so far based on my favorite, older games:

Samba de Amigo (DC) = Samba de Amigo, Helix, We Cheer (I have a separate post just for this item)
The Lost Vikings (SNES) = Toki Tori
Jet Grind Radio (DC) = de Blob
Chuchu Rocket (DC) = ???? (insane maze-based puzzle action)
Q*bert 3 (SNES) = ???? (more wacky puzzle action)
Mr. Driller (DC) = Mr. Driller World (this is coming to WiiWare, yes?)
Crazy Taxi (DC) = ????
Cosmic Smash (DC) = ???? (futuristic squash)
Rez (DC) = ???? (really, anything musical and cool-looking)
Space Channel 5 Part 2 = ???? (see above)

If you have any insight, I'd appreciate it!



Crazy Taxi received a Gamecube port, so that's easy. Excite Truck and the upcoming Excitebots play in a similar fashion, so you'd do well to check both of those out also.

As for Rez, try Bit.Trip.Beat on WiiWare - it's like Rez as imagined on an Atari 2600. Trippy stuff!



I didn't even know there was a Q*Bert 2, much less 3. But with the recent addition of the VC Arcade, we should hopefully see our expletive-happy, trunk-nosed friend soon enough. My fingers are crossed. Q*Bert was my favorite game from the early arcade era.

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i know you seem to have decided what to do already, but i think you should keep the dreamcast around. they have made new homebrew games as late as last year, and you can run NESter on it. i still have mine around, and the only thing that will replace it is the original xbox, once i get it softmodded. but it wouldnt play jet-grind, or any of those other DC titles you have . . .

but i understand wanting to consolidate, for sure. id keep it in another room, not the main entertainment room, yknow? anyway, thats what i do.

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