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Nobody has mentioned Spectrobes: Origins yet? The game has its flaws, and isn't as in-depth as a Pokémon game, but for a game produced by Disney, it was a good game. Well designed monsters and amazing landscapes. Some unique features here and there, just too bad the battle system is a little repetetive.



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I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I really like Vahalla Knights. I don't think it is any where near as bad as people make it out to be. I'd actually give it a 7/10. Also, I saw a poster above mention Fragile Dreams: Farewell to the Moon. +1 to that!

+100 to Fragile Dreams, still haven't beat it.. YET. But I will, and right now so far so beautiful.

I also second Arc Rise Fantasia as a obscure great game, too bad it was so overlooked and bashed at the same time just because of the not so bad voice acting.

I have finished FD, and I have to say it was one of the more memorable game experiences I have had. The whole experience really resonated with me in a way that video games rarely/never do. To bad it didn't get the best reviews from the press. I mean, I get the grievances made about the game, but I didn't think they were that big of a deal. I really recommend it to anyone who is curious about the game. Like you said, beautiful.



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"Sky Crawlers Innocent Aces" is another great obscure game, though if your looking for wii hidden gems almost every xseed published game is great.

I had this and finished it, and I really liked it. The only 'problem' I had with it is that I didn't see myself playing it again. It is good, and recommended, though.



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What were your thoughts on Cursed Mountain? I'm a sucker for survival horror, and i'll take what i can get considering it's become a dieing niche genre that has transitioned into bloated, watered down, unscary,mindless, hollywoodized Action movies with monsters....Cough*, RE6!

I have Cursed Mountain and played it for like an hour. It was around the time I was into the PS3 so I'm sure I got sucked into playing another game on that. I really want to go back and give a it a try again though I don't know win I ever will with my backlog.

Well, since it goes for Pizza Hut pennies i might as well check it out! Well, at least when i'm getting closer to slowly picking off what's left of my current Wii Back-log. It looks decent, if anything it has to be better than Obscure 2: The After math. Still, i'd much rather import Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly which looks to be the grand daddy of Wii Survival horror.


but i have no idea how to go about playing imported titles on a NA Wii. Doesn't it involve some sort of home brow set up, or the use of an SD card? Maybe a splash of Mutagen Ooze and a lick of Crystal Pepsi may do the trick.

It is kinda strange that Nintendo paid for the Fatal Frame franchise and didn't bother releasing Fatal Frame II remake over in NA. Maybe it didn't sell well enough in Europe? I would love to play the Wii version, but I guess I will have to settle with getting the original games off of PSN.



that's because Nintendo was being really stupid with niche Japanese games, probably because they thought Sin and Punishment 2 was gonna be a huge hit for reasons and that entirely failed to happen

Now their localization of an SE game has actively made people at SE reconsider their philosophies for game design and localization, so I hope NOA continues going in that direction.


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I don't know if Rune Factory Frontier matches the definition of "obscure". I've just spent close to 30 hours within a week and a half playing it. "Harvest Moon with some basic fighting added" would be an apt description and the addition of the fighting option is what got me hooked, unlike Harvest Moon. NL's review on it:

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Not sure how much I have to add to this discussion, but first let me say that is is great this is back on topic, so we can all go back and find hidden treasures of games that we may have missed, personally I forgot I was interested in Lost in Shadows, Arc Rise Fantasia of the top of my head at the time.
Personally I would say Mercury Meltdown Revolution and Excitebots: Trick Racing, both of which can be picked up very cheap. Also to those who were discussing Cursed Mountain, I really liked it, great atmosphere, pretty easy though, but what I wanted to say was that what most people get upset at are the motion controls are not always captured, you have to be conscious to use slower, deliberate motions and then it works great, which actually kinda adds something to the frantic atmosphere.

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The Wii series is really innovative, there's Elebits: it's like Pikmin with Garry's Mod, and there's also Excite Truck; that one was really good. Oh and Epic Mickey, that was a good one for the most part.

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And don't forget Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two!

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Pandora's Tower. Perhaps not obscure, but it's a great game, and it sadly doesn't get the attention it deserves.



About time for a title I haven't seen here so far:



This game is juat so bizzare and out of this world - but in a similarly bizzare way, it's really intriguing. The story is incredible, the atmosphere indulging, and the whole idea behind it is incredibly creative. Sadly, the gameplay isn't quite as good, but serves the purpose very well.
Baroque may be a port of the PS2 version (which in turn, is a port from the original SEGA Saturn version), but the Wii version is just as good. If you can get this game for a good price, get it!

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