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Never played it but I hear the Sakura Wars series is good. Should be on Wii now...would like to think of it as the more tactical Valkyria Chronicles.

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Ah, I forgot about Munchables, that was a good game too. Pink poop, nuff said(no, its not yogurt).

Here's one I enjoyed when it came out.

I know, some of you may think I'm crazy, I'm not sure if it scored well, probably not, but this game is awesome if only for one reason, Bubble Voyager. Look at the bottom left corner while the video is playing, the gimmick is that you play the game without touching the Wii Remote. Anyways, Bubble Voyager is awesome.

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Sadly, I wasn't a fan of Let's Tap. The positive reviews(IGN's comes to mind), Cheap price tag and unique tapping(hehe) gameplay stood out. But after experiencing what it had to offer I couldn't help but feel dissapointed. Tap Runner was mildy fun, but the rest were snooze fests

Let's Tap, Deadly Creatures, HOTD Overkill, MadWorld and TMNT: Smash Up are going in the 'For Sale' Bin

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I dunno if anyone else has played Anno on the Wii, but that's a must-have. Awesome production values, that game.

Also, Chocobo Dungeon is sufficiently obscore. Disappointed that not enough people played that.

And then finally, Samurai Warriors 3 is quickly heading down the path of obscurity (sadly), and Ju-On, if you can handle really slow paced "experiences" rather that go in expecting a Silent Hill - that game is genuinely creepy.


I had Chocobo Dungeon but eventually got tired of it and annoyed at some of the optional quests because the rules were just too aggravating and narrowminded to make them fun. Overall it was a pretty fun game, but I'm not certain how obscure it is because the whole 'mystery dungeon' has been around for years as Pokemon, Shiren, Chocobo a few times, etc. It's not a bad game.

I never did Anno on Wii, did play the first of two on the DS and it is a spectacular mix of the old 'Caesar' type games and then like Age of Empires with the upgrades. I know the Wii and 2nd DS game were more expanded so I bet that's a hell of a play.

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Klonoa 10/10?
That's a high score for a game containing, arguably, the worst voice acting in the history of video games.
Also, the gameplay is too slow, and a bit too easy as well.

I finally opened up Muramasa last week (I got it shortly after it came out) and have been playing the hell out of it. Great game.



I guess it depends on what you call "obscure". Games that didn't get much press, or didn't sell well, or were rated poorly (despite being interesting games)... it's kind of a broad term.

That said, the games I'd pick from my collection as obscure gems include:

  • Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars
  • Cursed Mountain
  • Dawn of Discovery (aka: Anno)
  • Dokapon Kingdom
  • Excitebots: Trick Racing
  • Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
  • Geometry Wars Galaxies
  • Klonoa
  • The Munchables
  • Mushroom Men
  • Trauma Center series, including Trauma Team

Some games that I don't own (yet) but think are pretty darn cool include:

  • Order Up
  • WordJong Party

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NotEnoughGolds wrote:

Klonoa 10/10?
That's a high score for a game containing, arguably, the worst voice acting in the history of video games.
Also, the gameplay is too slow, and a bit too easy as well.

I finally opened up Muramasa last week (I got it shortly after it came out) and have been playing the hell out of it. Great game.

I actually dug the voice work, it felt over the top, story book-like and...well, dreamy It definitly has the same tone as Elebits. But I think what captivated me the most about this game were beautiful and creative dreamy environemnts and the incredible music, the platforming of course was was fantastic as well. And I can forgive it's easy difficulty for the other fantastic things about it. It's not like it's 'Legendary Starfy' easy...Klonoa definitly offers some challenge when trying to find and collect everything. And the gameplay is too slow? It's just as slow as Super Mario Galaxy per se'.....Klonoa aint Sonic. Anyways, to each their own, but for me this is one of the finest 2D platformers I've ever played. But for the Wii, Wario Land Shake it! easily steals the crown.

And speaking of 2D Platfomers, I still haven't gotten around to play A Boy & his Blob yet for the Wii which I do have in my collection. I'm kind of holding off until i start SMG2

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Captain Rainbow and Poles Big Adventure but those are imports and hacked, mod or japanese wiis

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A boy and his blob. One of my all-time favorites. And don't you tell me that a blob that transforms when he eats jelly beans isn't obscure! >:3 What really saddens me, though, is that it turned into one of those $20 price drop games at Walmart.



I'll have to agree with madgear, Overkill was a vary fine game, I'd easily rank it as the 2nd best in the series, right after HotD 2. HotD 3 was pretty dull when compared to both of 'em, and I wasn't too keen on the fact that you could only use shotguns.

Some obscure Wii games that I thought were good:
Mushroom Men
Battalion Wars 2
Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Fragile Dreams ( The combat maybe the weakest part of the game but it still wasn't that bad and the game as a whole was excellent.)

.... or something like that.


Whenever this topic is brought up, I have to mention "Spyborgs." It would've gotten better reviews if more reviewers still understood the appeal and ideas of the beat-em-up genre (The gameplay isn't supposed to be that deep; some repetativeness is okay and maybe even preferred).

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Just picked up Klonoa myself today and I'm finding it to be a lot of fun. Like the TC said it's just so imaginative, charming and colorful that it reminds me why I fell in love with games when I was a kid and is such a breath of fresh air from what I've been playing recently. I don't mind the ease, sometimes a relaxing and simple experience is just what the doctor ordered; if I want to challenge my gaming skills I have more than enough games to look to but games where I can just sit back with a smile on my face and have no fear of frustration are too few and far between. Same with the short length, IMO a game only needs to be 1 of the following: Long, Challenging or Replayable...from the looks of things Klonoa has plenty of hidden stuff and unlockables, not to mention speed run potential so I have no fear of not getting my money's worth.

Anyways also nabbed Castle of Shikigami III and Monster Lab off Amazon for $10 each brand new so I'm anxiously awaiting that shipments arrival.



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Ahh, looky' what i found.


Slightly obscure, yet heavily creative at least in terms of everything but gameplay. Is it worth the heard earned Koopa coins?

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Dang, this thread is old and obscure now.

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Wonder_Mask wrote:

@WaveBoy Reminds me of N64 era platformers. Looks like it could be quite a bit of fun(gi). Please don't kill me

I actually looked into this a bit, and it looks pretty great, I might actually pick it up. here is NL's review on it.

And it goes for Fungi-pennies on eBay. It looks absotootly' moldy & Marvelous!
Here's another i'm dieing to try out, but it's semi-steep eBay price tag keeps throwing me off.

I was a pretty big fan of Monkey Ball Banana Blitz's Motion based tilt controls(At least when playing on a lag free SDTV), yet i hear Koringpa actually bests it. I really hope Sega releases a Wii U monkey ball sequel, seeing as how the gyro conrolled Wii U game pad makes for the perfect controller to tilt the in-game boards. Much more so than the Wii remote which i felt was already pretty tight.

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Atariboy wrote:

Data East Arcade Classics was a great time.


What a tease! No EU version.
Loved Burnin' Rubber.


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