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OK, in the Goldeneye remake for Wii, it is my understanding that they couldnt bring back old maps because of legal crap with Rare, now owned by Microsoft.
But in Goldeneye: Reloaded, they STILL don't have the true maps, even in the Xbox version. Did they just not think it was worth making those maps on the Xbox version? Why doesn't MGM have the rights to the game levels in the first place?

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I think it's more of they didn't care to get in touch with RARE to license the maps. Anyway, do you wanna play together sometime? I'm up for some GE

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If MGM asked you to right the next james bond book, you would own the story, but MGM owns the charecters. MGM would have to ask you if they can turn the story into a game or film.
The same can be said when it comes to games designs, MGM doesn`t own any of the N64 goldeneye game code or designs. Rare owns them, so activision would need to ask for the rights to use those maps.

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Suicune wrote:

Why doesn't MGM have the rights to the game levels in the first place?

Because they never owned the rights in the first place. Rare made the game using their engine and such so therefore Rare owned the rights to maps since it was their game. And since Activison made the Wii and Xbox version of GoldenEye and not Microsoft or Rare is the reason they couldnt use the maps from the N64 GoldenEye.

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I just got done playing. I haven't played that game in forever. Soo fun! Yeah and I'm sure they just didn't think it was worth it to put those original maps in.

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