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I have the Boo mascot with me too. xD
But yeah, I kinda get the whole stock thing...but don't understand it exactly...erm....ugh, can't believe I'm about to ask this on a NINTENDO FORUM....but....GIVE ME A BUSINESS LESSON ON STOCKS!!!! (related to the game, of course, lol)

Also, I noticed at random times that some of the CPU players (and myself sometimes too) get a die with more than 6 numbers on it. o.0
Another thing, what do the letters mean that are beside the character opponents before choosing a board on the Tour mode?


Here are the basic rules of stocks.

1. Stocks increase in value by about 10% every time 10 or more stocks are purchased.
2. Stocks decrease in value by about 10% every time 10 or more stocks are sold.
3. Stocks increase in value a lot when the shop values in a district increase, primarily accomplished via investing in the district.

If you dominate (or near dominate but fully dominating is significantly better) a district, you should buy up a lot of stock in that district and then begin to invest in the properties. Not only are you making deadly squares on the board for everyone else, but you are making a profit as the stock value increases more than you pay for the value of your investment. As the stock prices run away, you have to sell fewer and fewer stocks to repay your investment amount. Even a single dominated district played right can let you invest your way to the threshold and win the game oftentimes. Since you will likely have to sell stocks to afford continued investment (and investing heavily is usually better than underinvesting), be sure to buy more with promotion cash etc. so you don't run too low and start losing your profit margin! At the same time, if you have the luxury of waiting, owning more stock before you start investing makes the profits far bigger overall.

On the other hand, there's nothing that requires you to only buy from your own districts. If you own a lot of stock in an opponent's district, you'll reap the same profits they do as they invest. In practice, if you own more stock than them and are their primary competitor, they are basically blocked from investing as it will just enrich you. Even if you just own a little stock, you still profit some, and you can sell off the stock 10 at a time to run down the stock price and cut out their profits from under them (this will cost you some money yourself but will cost them far more if they're heavily invested). Just don't make the mistake of buying too little too late; buying a relatively small amount of very expensive stock will immediately increase the price which is likely to hurt you more than your minimal freeloading can help and your ability to run down the price will be limited. Of course, this is why you often don't have the time to wait to get investing; if you wait, someone will interfere by buying a bunch of stock themselves, and then if you invest they'll make a ton of money and then slowly sell off their stocks to sap a bunch of yours.

Also, stock is basically better than cash in every way, and every time you pass the bank with the money to buy you should buy as much as you can of whatever type of stock you consider best. Even if you buy in a strategically unimportant district, you will increase the price netting an immediate profit which you could of course sell right back to the bank (though there's no practical need since if you are the only one who owns stock in the unimportant district, it's not like anyone else has the ability to run it down and anything they do to increase the value is just extra money for you).

And keep in mind that selling 10 stocks makes the stock price fall. If you don't want to drop the price, but need a little money on hand to cover store fees, you can sell 9 at a time, even if you don't need quite that much money.

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...I didn't know what else to say honestly, lol....but I think I get it though. Just gotta master it now, I think that's what I have been doing before (buying an entire district, buying stocks then investing in the shops). But the later tours for some reason are getting harder for me to buy multiple shops of the same district. >.>

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Does anyone know what to do with those cards that are displayed on your stats screen on the left of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs? My cousin got four of them in our first game but we couldn´t find a way to use them.

It would be great if David Wise made soundtracks to all future Nintendo games.


Luffymcduck wrote:

Does anyone know what to do with those cards that are displayed on your stats screen on the left of spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs? My cousin got four of them in our first game but we couldn´t find a way to use them.

Are you talking about the Suit Yourself cards? They act as a "wild" card, like, if you had two, you only have to collect two suits in order to get a promotion. If you had 4 like you said, then you need none.
EDIT: Didn't fully read Kaiser's post. xD

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KaiserGX wrote:

Yeah, Highest is S. Besides Starship though (and I had trouble with it too) How are you finding it. Try buying all the areas in the pipes and upgrading them HIGH. When someone else lands there... they are in DEATH LAND... muahaha. Lol

It's hard to do that when you get there from the start and end up staying there while everyone else is getting 4 promotions each or something like that, lol.


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