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Sounds cool about selling. I was reading on the website though that selling effects other spaces? Or you can buy stock without landing on a space? Also can you buy someone's space? Like in Monopoly.

I don't know much about Dragon Quest but I am starting to get into it like I did with Final Fantasy and Mario Sports Mix. I started playing the games because they were characters in that game. I already like the characters because of the Akira Toriyama art so that's another step towards it.


That's right, I nearly forgot about that. Sorry, it has been a while. Yes, spaces had one of four suits (as in cards) tied to them, which was similar to how Monopoly has things color-coded. And I believe that if you have enough money, you can just buy out someone's spaces. You can also put stock in other people spaces I think, but I'm not too sure.



He gets paid. It's just like being bought out. You lose your property, but you're compensated.



The money you get from spaces, it is only when someone else lands on it?

If you buy someones space (for good reason like high value) you would earn back the money you paid it for and then some in the long run right?

I've always had Monopoly but never learned to play it or had interest in it back then until I started playing Sim City on the SNES and I got interested in this system of monehs.


Not positive on the first question, but yes on the second. It's like an investment. In the long run, you'll make more than you lost.



i want to play it, don't know it's for europe too tough.

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So it's basically Monopoly + Mario Party + Square Enix characters? No thanks.

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I'm really excited for this game.
Not sure if it's coming out in Australia at all but if not then no worries, I'll buy it from Europe when it comes out there in January.


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A monopoly like game with stocks, DQ characters, and Mario characters? Count me in.

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I just don't find myself online on most games...Only time I go online is on Monster Hunter, then Mario Kart DS back in the day, and some times Pokemon but mainly for trading.
EDIT: I just realized my dad would love this game...even though he doesn't care for video games. But he enjoys annoying everyone in Monopoly and auctions and whatnot. xD

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