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I'm not really excited, but I want it for sure. I would have been excited if it was on the DS/3DS. Still, Birth By Sleep's command board was loads of fun so I'm sure this will be too--I'm just not sure if it could entertain me for long on its own.

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Also according to the Japanese Website, you will be able to play against each other on Nintendo Wi-Fi,



Monopoly from what I've heard

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The North American Box Art has been unveiled:


(Credit: GoNintendo)

I think it's a pretty good box art, through it's a little crowded.

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Luigi, Yoshi, and Lakitu look photoshopped. lol

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AtomicOtaku wrote:

Luigi, Yoshi, and Lakitu look photoshopped. lol

They are, actually.


I think Luigi and Yoshi use art from Mario Party 7, and


Lakitu is from New Super Mario Bros.'s boxart. lol

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I've played older games in this series with Japanese friends in the past, and a huge part of what made it interesting is that you travel around a simplified map of Japan, and buy and sell things based on actual factual touristy items in every town (Japanese people are especially suckers for whatever food is "famous" in any town/city they travel to). So naturally, everyone would try to hunt down their home town, and I'd try to recreate my various travels in Japan. So this new version looks interesting... but so far it mostly just kinda looks like something between Monopoly and Mario Party, but not quite as engaging as either one of those things. I guess that's not necessarily a BAD thing, but... well, whatever. I live in Japan now, so I could probably just buy a Japanese version if reviews of this don't turn out well (though I don't expect them to).


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that's an excellent cover for the game. hope it gets released in europe as well.



...Hmm, forgot about this game, might look into it. Never did play any of the board games from Square, but I did enjoy Monopoly, so, yeah.
Is it just limited to Mario characters on Nintendo's side? (guess I could ask the same thing with DQ, but I never played those games, so whatever. xD)


I own Itadaki Street DS, so if anyone has any questions they'd like to ask on how it works, feel free to ask.
Like others are saying, it's most comparable to Monopoly, but this game includes buying and selling stocks, so I'd say it's a bit deeper than Monopoly.

I'm really excited for this Wii release. It was always somewhat difficult to find opponents in ISDS, so hopefully this will do well enough that the online will work well.



Okay, let's see. It's been a while since I've played, so I think I'll go back and play it later today to refamiliarize myself with everything, but here's what I can answer now. When you land on an unowned space, you buy stock in it; that is, you can choose how much money you want to basically invest into it, and the more money you put into it, the more it's worth, and the more it costs people when they land on it. If you start running low on funds, you can sell some of your stock in an auction-like setting, where the other players can bid on it. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the gist of it.

I love it, but that's because I love deeper board games, and Mario and DQ are my favorite game franchises. Just remember that there are no serious action parts like Mario Party. If you want to do well you need to be smart in your decisions.

Unfortunately, this is the only game in the series I have played, but the series hasn't changed too much in recent years. I had high hopes for it, because it brought together three loves of mine, and it definitely delivered. My only wish was that I would have been able to play more WiFi, and also that you could have played as other characters, and not just be limited to using admittedly cool costumes, but it looks like that was changed for the better in Itadaki, er, Fortune Street (that's going to take some getting used to).

I will add more if you guys would like after I replay it later today.



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