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I'm sure you've all seen that footage of Crystal Bearers on the Wii at E3, but there is a lot more information out there.
This is a site for non-Japanese countries to look at information for the game. It's rather bare, but has really nice music.
This is the Japanese site, which has A LOT more information, including a recent release date for the game in Japan. Winter. lol Which I'll take a stab guess that NA and EU will get it either next summer or fall/winter.
There is finally an overworld map shown which looks incredibly similar to the "My Life as King" overworld. Possibly other games, but I don't have them on my right now. Either way, the world looks quite large.

There's also footage of the game, from E3 and the weird promo vids when the non-Japanese site when up before if anyone followed that.

There is also an IGN interview with the producer.
Note that around 35 seconds in, he mentions a friend being able to jump in, which means co-op.
In what form? I don't know. I'm guessing possibly just another cursor similar to Mario Galaxy.

Hope you are all as excited for this game as I am, and if you're not, I don't care. lol



i am trust me!!. this game has been on my to get list for a long time now.

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Extremely excited!

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