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not much a fan but i thought post it here
EA why not wii u? hmm?

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PES or gtfo

too bad konami stopped supporting the 3ds after pes 2014 or was it 2013?

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waiting for Nintendo to release a new handheld


Wii? Pretty sure that the site got it wrong and it's supposed to say Wii U. Actually, I'm suprised it's coming to any Nintendo platforms at all!


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Probably a port of FIFA 09 with rosters from FIFA 15.


6ch6ris6 wrote:

PES or gtfo

too bad konami stopped supporting the 3ds after pes 2014 or was it 2013?

2013. Think they still support Japan.

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I bought Fifa 13 on the 3DS that game was crap. The training mode did not even work. PES 2013 was so much better.

I did get Fifa 13 for Wii U out of a bargain bin (must have been 10 Euros). Its nice to have but not a must buy (it misses features the other HD Fifa 13's had). EA only made lousy ports for the Wii U. I won't lose any sleep over them not releasing new Wii U games.


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If I do get it I will be getting it on the PS4. I don't want an inferior port thank you.

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Wii? Pft, wow. Hopefully they'll actually do something with the 3DS version.


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Wi-Fi connection is dead, so I suppose this FIFA 15 for Wii will have only local multiplayer.

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SKTTR wrote:

Probably a port of FIFA 09 with rosters from FIFA 15.

Knowing EA, I suspect that the port would date even further back.


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Bit of a joke much,

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EA could make things right with General Chaos 2 Online.

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I will buy it and leave it sealed. But that's just the collector in me. Late releases = rarity.

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