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Henry: best music, good challenge

Honorable mention: Bad Girl, Destroyman

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My favorite fight was against Letz Shake Bad Girl, I love her song and she is quite a pain in the butt if you don't know what you're doing.

My honorable mention is Destroyman.


Henry. Really fun and difficult.

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TIE: Holly and Destructoman (both in cutscene and gameplay senses)
Honorable Mention: Letz Shake (lol)

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AH. It's so hard to choose just one.
Favorite tier:
Henry, Jeane, Destroyman

Honorable Mention:
Death Metal, Holly, Bad Girl, Shinobu

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NMH had just so many great classic and memorable fights that I've narrowed it down to my favorite and yet the bloodiest battle with Destroyman.
Yet, I've never beat this game.

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Henry. But I haven't played bitter mode yet.

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