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1: Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)
2: Ark (Terranigma)
3: Samus Aran
4: Fox McCloud
5: Knuckles
6: Link
7: Captain Falcon
8: Solid Snake
9: Alucard
10: Mario



Can't really list them, but whatever...
1. Kirby
2. Meta Knight
3. Midna
4. Isabella
5. Samus
6. Trace (Metroid Prime Hunters)
7. Robo (Chrono Trigger)

Can't think of anyone else at the moment, lol.

I love Erica (Strike Witches), Yuuki, and for some odd reason, Megumi (School Rumble)
Update: Also love Yukari and Mizore from Rosario + Vampire.
Another Update: Also Amber and Xiao Pai from Rune Factory 4.
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1. Pit - His behavior reminds me so much of myself and it just makes me smile! XD
2. Olimar - A very unique character who stars in one of my most favorite games ever!
3. Mario - A classic hero who never fails to amaze me!
4. Link - Specifically Skyward Sword Link, I really loved his personality despite never speaking...
5. Rayman - A great part of my childhood was made up by his games and I look forward to Legends!
6. Kirby - One of the cutest characters ever made!
7. Yoshi - Nothing beats dinosaurs!
8. Mr. Game & Watch - One of the strangest and best characters in Smash Bros. who doesnt get as much love as he should!
9. Sonic - A cool hero whos earned back my love from his more recent games!
10. Lucas - While I may not know much about the MOTHER series, I've read enough about MOTHER 3 to make Lucas one of the best characters in my eyes

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My Top 5:
-Dr. Eggman: The greatest game villain of all time (IMO); he's evil and cunning, but fun and ecstatic about it! (I've also had a 10-year-long obsession with him.)
-Samus: Gaming's first Lady. She's just such an awesome heroine and really grabbed my interests way back when I first saw her in SSB 64.
-Luigi: The Mario brother with an (arguably) more interesting personality, and his funny antics always gives me a smile.
-Gex: A gecko with attitude. Loved his wisecracks (even if I only got half of them at the time) and he deserves a comeback.
-Captain Falcon: What can you say about a man that punches a fiery bird shape, drives 3000 mph daily, shouts catchphrases, and is a bounty hunter in his spare time? Captain Falcon is simply amazing.

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hi everyone, I would say my favorites from a main character point of view are Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4, and Samus from Metroid Prime trilogy. As for secondary characters: Double H also from Beyond Good and Evil because he is so over the top stylized, and although i know it was an unpopular character, I liked FI from Skyward Sword because it was so over-the-top bluntly honest that i found it funny.

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Top 10 characters
1. Link
2. Kirby
3. Pit
4. Ryu Hayabusa
5. Popo
6. Tingle
7. Groose
8. Horace
9. Hades
10. Captain Olimar.

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In particular order:
1. Little Mac
2. Big Boss
3. Link
4. Chun-Li
5. Mario

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1.Mario(Mario Bros)
2.Yoshi(Mario Bros)
3.Bowser(Mario Bros)
4.Frank Woods(Black Ops 2)
5.Little Mac(Punch Out)

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1. GROOSE!!!!
2. Tingle
3. Great Mighty Poo
4. Jirall
5. Ant Lion Man
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9.Mickey Mouse

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He's also one of my favorite characters
but my #1 is still Mario, though!

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This guy is so underrated yet he is AWESOME!

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