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Looks really fun but can't afford right now. Maybe in the summer I'll get it.



This is going to be the first Wii game I will buy this year, I'm really positive that it's going to be an awesome game, overall. BTW Nintendo Power rating (8.0).



Probably me. I loved Excite Truck, and its just so wacky! Plus it has online multiplayer.

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I just picked up my pre-ordered copy. It'll probably be a while before I play it though since I'm trying to catch up on my game backlog. I'll probably stick it in the cabinet and pull it out when my two boys start to get bored of our current collection.

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I'm buying on release. Whenever that is in shitty europe.

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Just got it and it is superb.


Basicly, it has all been said : A brighter, faster, smoother, and wilder verison of EciteTrucks. The bots are really cool, awesome art style. They trot up to the gate like Transformers and from then on its turbo jump time! The controls are a little smoother, and so far it seems easier than ExciteTrucks, but I have that game experience and have not unlocked super excite mode yet, so it is hard to say.

Great track variety, looks like lots of shortcuts, but I have to play a lot more to see what is all there....

Online is similar to Mario Kart Wii in setup, and that is a good thing. You bet your stars prerace to try to earn a bonus payoff. The stars unlock goodies and extra bots. 6 racers, also supports 2 player split screen. Have not tried Poker Mode yet.

I like all the grab bars and gimmicks they have added, they kind of overshadow the 'old' bonus, like Tree Runs and such, It is fast and furious, so that is a good thing, you are never bored....!

If you liked Excitetrucks, you will likely like this game. Or arcade racers in general, this is first rate.

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Can you bring a guest online like in Mario Kart? If so, can you do this for friend matches only, or any match?
Thanks for sharing your impressions!

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KDR_11k wrote:


It looks awesome, I'm just worried that all the extra scoring methods and items may clutter it up too much and hurt the fun. Excite Truck was awesome because it was so simple and there were no random items to worry about, EB seems to have random attack items like Mario Kart which I hate, they make it too luck based.

I just got the game, and the items don't seem like too much of a worry that way. There are significantly fewer chances to pick up items in a single race (at least in the first few tracks), and they don't even all hurt opponents or give you boosts. The tambourine, for example, simply gives you five stars if you press the A button in time with the beat of the item a couple times (easy 5 stars, imo).

I'd have to say that I like everything about this game more than Excite Truck. The controls are a lot better, and the weirdness on the track is loads of fun! A highly recommended title from me.

Only thing I don't like about this game has nothing to do with the GAME at all, as such. I'm learning to drive a real car right now, and my dad told me tonight (right AFTER I dropped $40 on this game) that he doesn't want me playing Wii racing games and "confusing my brain" or some rot like that. COME ON! I played this so far awesome game for less than an hour, and he tells me I can't even enjoy it further because he thinks I can't tell the difference between a real car and a video game?
And all because I complained that learning to drive a real car was a pain because it works unintuitively compared to my experience with other Wii racing games (mostly Mario Kart). Mutter mutter...

Anyway, sorry about that rant. Can't be helped, y'know? I'm curious if anyone here agrees with my dad's point, though.

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Now that's interesting.... Instead of video game violence and people killing each other we have lousy driver driving around because they think real cars is like playing mariokart lol

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*Can you bring a guest online like in Mario Kart? If so, can you do this for friend matches only, or any match?
Thanks for sharing your impressions!*

I have not tried any friend modes, but regular online, no you cannot bring a friend. The offline splitscreen is like origional ExciteTrucks, head to head, not computer racers..

Hardcore, casual = marketing. The real divide is between arcade and narrative games.


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