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Who else plans on getting it?



I plan on renting it, but probably not purchasing. It looks absolutely fantastic, but racers are generally only fun multi-player, and not only is the limitation to two players local a drag, but my few Wii-playing friends and I are still hooked on Brawl, so it would have some stiff competition for play time.

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i'll get it eventually. there are like 10 games coming over the next few months that i want. just can't decide which ill get on release day.



I missed out on excitetruck, so am looking forward to this.



Excitebots is on my must-buy forecast for sure. This game looks to be the most intense, goofy racer of the year and along with 6 players online sounds like a blast for me.

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

Me, definitely. Now if only we had a release date for the UK...

You got Little King Story be happy!!!

BTW I will be getting this.

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Excite Truck left me wanting more so yeah i'm planning on getting this. [Can't believe they're leaving out the feature which allows you to play you're own tunes through the SD card slot. That helped make the game for me, but I guess all the other new features will make up for that].

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Im getting

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I'm interested in this game. If it plays anything like Mario Kart, I will buy it. If it's anything like a few of the other games I've played on the Wii, I will rent it and feel disgusted and dirty afterwards.

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Yeah i am, looks so crazy with Super Pie in Clown Face, Super Leg Smash, Super Red Pole, and etc. Online is big plus plus, and it just looks really fun.



I'll wait for the Nintendo Life seal of approval.

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Hopefully I get this on my birthday. Only 12 more days!

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i'm not sure, excite truck was the first wii game i ever played(played it before launch), and i loved it, but never went to pick it up...probably because i don't like racing games that dont include mario or diddy kong.

if this has a pricedrop down the road though...then i'll pick it up..unless i fall inlove with this game for some reason idk yet.



I'll get it on launch day i have it preordered Excite Truck was a blast hopefully this will be too :3

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Comes out in a few days, guys!
It'll be here before you know it. People in US are better off. They can get it for $39.99 without the Wheel but over here in Canada, it's still $49.99. >_>




It looks awesome, I'm just worried that all the extra scoring methods and items may clutter it up too much and hurt the fun. Excite Truck was awesome because it was so simple and there were no random items to worry about, EB seems to have random attack items like Mario Kart which I hate, they make it too luck based.

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KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

Comes out in a few days, guys!
It'll be here before you know it. People in US are better off. They can get it for $39.99 without the Wheel but over here in Canada, it's still $49.99. >_>

And it's $59.99 with the Wii Wheel. >_>



Maybe i will get it but i'm not sure, Punch Out is also interesting and my wallet is not so big to afford the two

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