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Downloaded the Xbox version and tried it out. It was fun but I enjoyed the 3DS version alot more.

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I don't know when I'll buy this or which version I will go with. It'll probably be the PS3 or Wii version because of the motion controls. I still need to play my copy of Epic Mickey 1 first. I'll be buying Power of Illusion for sure though.



Tried the PS3 demo. It controlled bether then i expected without motion controlls. Might pick it up for the Wii U.



I never finished the first one.


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I've played through it and have to say its lost its edge. They've made it more sandboxy, haven't really fixed the flaws (though the N64/PS1 camera doesn't bother as much as others) and removed much of the broody, slightly dark element of the first game. Probably to make it more child friendly, I don't know. It still looks good, but is surprisingly a chore to play. The first game I played 2 and half times, will NOT be doing that with this.

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i'm just dissapointed that they could not improve on the first game ..instead this dev team found a way to make it worse.... i love disney but there has not been a good disney game since ducktales or the genesis game.. oh well i'll pick up the first game before it becomes too rare

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