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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days's NA release date is September 29,2009,DOUBLE WOOT!!!




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jpfan1989 wrote:


I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Not a lot of real surprises, though. Most of the stuff, including one new Mario game, were revealed more than weeks ago. Mediocre compared to Microsoft's, which I grudgingly admit.

alright, so (surprises):
-a "new" Super Mario Bros.
-Super Mario Galaxy 2 (we knew about one of these since last E3)
-Metroid: Other M (though not with the "real" Team Ninja, most of the old heads left)
-C.O.P. - the not GTA (looks good, but that's about it.)
-D.I.Y. for both Mario & Donkey Kong, & Wario Ware
-a blood pressure sensor (?)
-Golden Sun DS (almost forgot)

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That will learn me to go to the store! Missed all the fun. Oh well, couldn't find a stream that worked on Ubuntu anyway.



The only real surprise for me was a new Golden Sun. The new Metroid and 2 Super Mario games are cool but no real surprises at all. Nintendo just delivered what was expected of them; nothing more.



Where was Miyamoto to announce all new Zelda and kid Icarus? >.<
Metroid and Galaxy 2 looked BLOODY AWSOM



Nintendo's conference didn't blow me away... though I guess with their current market share, they didn't need to blow anyone away really. But it still seems they are going to be catering to newer gamers more than core gamers. I am interested to see what Sony does... Of the three, they are the ones that really need to blow people out of the water.


I did not think they could top NSMB Wii, but man, Other M looks amazing. About time they let someone do a real Metroid game in 3D. Suck it, Prime!

Also, for all those who kept saying DSi VC was going to be in E3, in your face! Actually, in mine, too, because though I doubt it, I wanted it.

Oh well, easy decision for me now. PSP Go it is!

I can't wait to saddle Yoshi again.

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I'm impressed, but whoo, MicroSoft's conference was REALLY hard to follow. I like all the new games, I was really surprised to see 2 Mario titles and that Metroid title just blew me away.


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The Metroid trailer alone outdid Microsoft's presentation. Motion control gimmicks and a virtual boy are nifty, but show me an actual game, and I'll really be pumped. Nintendo's done that... though they oddly didn't show any software at all for that ridiculous vitality thing... still, I'm sure they'll do something with it based on their successful history with odd products, just an odd way to present it.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


weirdadam wrote:

The Metroid trailer alone outdid Microsoft's presentation. Motion control gimmicks and a virtual boy are nifty, but show me an actual game

Microsoft is bringing back the Virtual Boy!?




ya i dont know what you guys are smoking but Nintendo's presntation was nothing special. New super mario bros. wii is nothing innovative and quite frankly not that appealling. Everybody knew about super mario galaxy 2 and the new metriod does look awesome and I cannot wait, but overall nothing that great.



My plans to chat with you guys got screwed over by switching houses early, then Gabbly would not loading when i got here. That sucked. Just finished watching the video, it kept on freezing every now and then. I'm just wondering now If that new Metroid is set after Fusion or somewhere before it.

While i enjoyed the conference a lot more than last year, it left me wanting more. I was hoping to see Sin and Punishment 2 and Star Fox but i guess it wasn't to be. Oh well, I'm still happy with what i saw



Here is few titles that Nintendo has announced via their press room:


Endless Ocean™ 2 Q1 2010
Sin and Punishment™ 2 Q1 2010
Monado: Beginning of the World™ TBD
Span Smasher™ TBD
Line Attack Heroes™ TBD


The Legendary Starfy™ June 7, 2009
Fossil Fighters™ Aug. 10, 2009
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box™ Aug. 24, 2009
Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Fall 2009
Glory of Heracles™ 2010
Picross 3D™ TBD

Pretty nice additions.



I love mario but that didnt get my hopes up. Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid were the only good ones.

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omg, I slept through it! Damn you, Nintendo, having your conference so early in the day! DDDDD:

here's hoping isn't swamped yet.

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at least you have enough free time to watch them...i gotta wait til Thursday. Damn Master's program....

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wait, what's happening/happened with the Sony conference?



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