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Looks pretty good, I might pick it up when it comes out. The graphics are NSMB-esque. Still, I'm skeptical since I already have the originals.

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DAY ONE for me



I have never been a huge DK fan but this game does look promising.

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Graphics NSMB-esque? Are you kidding me? DK Returns graphics looks gorgeous! and I was stunned by the fantastic level design,background environment/object animations, characters animations ect ect.



I was specifically blown away by the background interaction with the gameplay. For instance, the octopus flailing around at the characters.

My jaw dropped when I was watching the mine cart sequence where the lava was pushing the tracks around as DK went. I cannot wait to play this!

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Never played the originals but the trailer looked pretty darn good!

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I have never been a fan of donkey kong games and im not, im probably piking instead of it kirby, it looks awesome!!!!

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I am defintely buying this game when it comes out.

So many good games, so little money to spend.
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Huge surprise, this game. The visual style wasn't terribly impressive (save for the beautiful sunset-silouhette scene) but the game itself brought back fond memories. Really looking forward to it.

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I'm not even a huge fan of the original series, but this stole the show for me. Simultaneous play (and the ability to go separate ways!) is so much fun in NSMBW, and I've always thought it belonged in DKC, so much so that I often misremember it as being in the original games.

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I'm so excited that Nintendo is making this. Besides Zelda, this was my 2nd favorite game of Nintendo's show. I can't freakin wait.



I never thought we would see another DKC game, but looks like my dream came true. Day-one purchase for me.



DK is my favorite franchise, so anything DK-related is sweet. That said, this game has shot well past my expectations. It looks like a mix between Jungle Beat and the old DKC games. It is even better now that we know that it supports two players.


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will prolly get this, looks really cool. the e3 was awesome for nintendo

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WaveBoy wrote:

Graphics NSMB-esque? Are you kidding me? DK Returns graphics looks gorgeous! and I was stunned by the fantastic level design,background environment/object animations, characters animations ect ect.

NSMB-esque sounds like a compliment to me.

I was never a big fan of DKC, but this looks quite stunning and I may just change my mind. It gave an awesome first impression (and yes, a big part of that was the pretty graphics and animations, not to mention the funky rhythm).

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WiiPS2Guy wrote:

DAY ONE for me

Me everything else, lol.

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