Topic: Does Anyone Still Play Mario Strikers Charged Online?

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Hey everyone New here! Just wondering if anyone still play this awesome game online?

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Good times, but I don't have the game here in Europe. (My brother got it in the US.) I remember one day he went online and was sensibly losing against this dude, and at the very end he turned the tides around with two wonderful goals so the opponent just ragequitted.

There was also that gamer called "mexicana" that made sensation in our household, whooping around online...


Hell yeah! 6 years later and it's still the best Wi-Fi game on Wii (besides Mario Kart, of course).

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Oh man I had good times with that game. It was the first online game I've ever played on a console. I got annoyed after people starting abusing toads/boos/dry bones though.

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They still do, especially boo. I hate Birdo. Lol

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Heck I will play you guys! Might lose but its a great game.

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Whats your friend code?

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