Topic: Do you throw away your game boxes?

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I've kept them since the SNES though with the SNES I threw out the inserts that held the game and flattened the boxes. The sad part is most of the games I had the boxes for were stolen or never given back when I loaned them out. My N64 collection is all boxed. I'm glad modern games use hard plastic cases (Or Sega games since the SMS) that aren't as easily damaged and double as a case. I can see why people threw out their Gameboy & GBA boxes. Most of them were pretty ugly. The boxes for most games in Japan are much more attractive. Less focus on the name of the system and more focus on the art. American boxes tend to be tacky in comparison.

Buying used games I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I was collecting Gamecube games two years ago and I would make sure I was getting the case in good condition with manual. I was collecting all the RAREWARE games for the N64 and have most of them in box but won't buy the two or three I'm missing without the box + manual. Sadly I should have bought them all a number of years ago when they were still dirt cheap and often still brand new. Perfect Dark + Conker brand new sealed for under $14 for both was a good deal though.

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I keep all of them. I don't have my NES or Genesis boxes though, I think my parents threw them away back then.
I don't store my GBA games in the boxes but I still keep the boxes in a big stack.


I don't purposely damage or throw away boxes, no.

/me strokes box, mmmm.



Gamesake wrote:

As soon as the game's warranty runs out I torch the cardboard box. I don't recycle game boxes for fear of some creep reselling them, and I can't keep them around my house because it would ruin the Feng Shui (That's also why I can't buy a red Wii, it would be hell on my creativity gua).

That is the strangest reasoning I've heard. If you don't care to save it, why care if someone steals and sells it? Or why don't you sell it?

My parents would make me throw all my boxes out as a kid.
But I've managed to keep all my new-purchased later GB, GBC and GBA games in complete condition (although I'm disappointed I somehow lost my Link's Awakening Player's Choice manual, even though I still have the box).
I like my games in complete condition (game with box/cover, manual, and other game-related stuff like maps), but when buying retro games, that's not always feasible. But I'm not desperate enough to pay in situations where the box/manual are worth several times what a loose game is (16-bit RPGs are probably a good example of this. They generally weren't very popular until they were years out of print. So, it happened with games like Chrono Trigger and EarthBound that the packaging became highly sought after by collectors.)
But, the Wii is the only console I have were I can say my entire collection is intact. Many purchased new, but I've still bought a number of used games.
I got Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn from an ebay "open but unused" listing for still-under-MSRP, but I hear that's already predicted to change in the future.

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I threw away my GBA and GBC boxes when I was a kid, mostly as I didn't care back then and I usually damaged the box when opening it. Now I keep the boxes, as they make for great carrying cases (duh) and it's easy to find a game when they're in them, provided they were put away properly. I try to avoid damaging the cases, but I'm not gonna freak out if they happening to get slightly damaged.

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I kept most of my SNES boxes as a kid, in fact I still have my Zelda ALTTP box, manual and plastic sleeve safely tucked away. I still keep all of my new cases for protection and resale value today.

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I kept many but they were taking up too much space so I had to throw them away.

I keep all plastic cases though. No cardboard boxes at all though.

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grenworthshero wrote:

I used to throw away my SNES boxes, but since the days of N64, I haven't thrown any of them away, and I always try to keep everything in perfect shape. I refuse to buy a game that doesn't have a box and insert, and I'm hesitant to buy games without manuals. Even then, they all have to be in great shape.

I agree totally. I also threw my Game Boy, SNES and NES boxes away. The Game Boy games had these plastic, transparent cases which held the carts, which was quite handy. Since the Playstation and N64 covers/boxes are respected by me as a part of a whole of the game in itself. If possible i buy the new games in sealed condition, scratch-less, keeping the in a perfect condition.

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ABSOLUTELY NOT! The boxes are made of durable plastic, so why throw them away? The cardboard ones of old I typically recycle, but not the plastic ones.

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I don't throw them but I also don't give them the care that I give for the game cartilages so I lose them through time


I have all the boxes for all my NES, N64, GCN, Wii and DS games. However some of my N64 games were bought off eBay so they didnt come with boxes/manuals. But every game I have with a box hasnt been thrown away. Even boxes for accessories. It would seem ridiculous to me to throw away GCN/Wii/DS cases as they are plastic and the GCN/Wii ones are DVD cases and can be stored easily. Also where else would you store the discs for easy access? DS boxes are huge so I put the games in my DS travel case and I stack the boxes in my room. I have all my Wii/GCN games stored in a DVD rack where my Wii is and the NES/N64 boxes are stored away in a cupboard in my room. The actual N64 carts are stored in the same area as the Wii/GCN games though.

I also hate the GCN/Wii/DS boxes being in bad condition but the NES/N64 ones can't really be helped as cardboard deteriorates.

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I keep my boxes too for all my games however due to limited space I put all my games in a CD binder and all the cases in a box in the basement. The only problem I've come across is finding binder inserts that are mini disc friendly. as soon as that happens the Gamecube games will join. I'm also looking into making a binder insert for my DS games. I even went so far as to make a Visio stencil for a DS cartridge to help plan out a holder where I can still see the cartridge sticker and hopefully accommodate the new 3DS cartridge notch. I will most likely wait to see how the 3DS will fit.

As far as the Gamestop/EB Games box issue, from what I can tell the plastic case still comes with the games however the paper boxart Insert is missing and there is an online database where you can download and print out the box art if needed.

The box art could easily been ruined if some one is careless like spilling a drink on it. the plastic case will survive not the paper.



I never throw away boxes. I think I threw away some GBA boxes since they cluttered up the place, but I've saved all my cases since then.



Good God . Never!! That would be sacrilege. mmmm.... sweeeeeet box.......................

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I'm a packrat- whether it be paper, cardboard or plastic- I save it. Even the Pre-Order form thing BestBuy uses to reserve copies of games. Oh, even the pre-order box of HeartGold (and stole my bro's SoulSilver box) where the figures were stored. I dunno, I like triggering memories...

Mom must have thrown away the small package that my Pokemon Pearl- Stylus Pakia top was stored though...



I never throw away boxes to things i hold dear. I just store them in some out-of-the-way place. And when Those places are full, there's always the attic.

This generation, I think I've only thrown away the packaging for extra controllers.
If I'm buying online, I'll even pay a but extra for the case/manual/Club Nintendo codes/etc.

I've even gone so far as to print out inserts for all my N64 games which were missing theirs.

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I think it is safe to say that everyone here saves them. But how many have made a Wii Sports case to make it match the rest? I know I did.



Rob_mc_1 wrote:

I think it is safe to say that everyone here saves them. But how many have made a Wii Sports case to make it match the rest? I know I did.

I bought my Wii early enough that Wii Sports came in a proper DVD case!

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