Topic: Do you still buy wii games.

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I bought three Wii games last year and two of them were used: Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metal Slug Anthology and Skyward Sword. I bought way more NES and SNES games. I don't know if I will buy anymore Wii games in the future, maybe Pandora's Tower if that get released in NA.

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I do, but I've been trying to buy more 3DS games, since I didn't have a DS I only have SM3DL and a couple downloaded games.

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no sold my wii to get a 3ds one year ago

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Last game I bought was... Rhythm Heaven Fever, didnt regret it, as with other game... yeah, I regretted buying them for the Wii >.<

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Yeah I do! It's a great time to buy Wii games right now because used copies are getting CRAZY price-drops! I bought Sin and Punishment 2 for $5!!



Yes, there's still games I want to get.

On a side note, is it worth getting MH3 for the wii now or wait until MH3G come to PAL and America?



I am planning on getting Sin and Punishment: Star succesor and the Resident evil Remake

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Fortune Street and Super Paper Mario were my last purchases. I still buy Wii games when new ones come out.



I didn't buy it (got it for Christmas) but I just got The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword in December, and I just started downloading new Virtual Console games again. I got Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, both for NES. I'm also planning on buying Rhythm Heaven Fever too, and maybe Mario Party 9. I'm playing Wii a lot more now than I did last year! (:

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Yea as I just bought Bit Trip Complete and still want a few games like the recent Kirby and the first DK game. Plus, Xenoblade and The Last Story that I'm thinking of picking up.

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Yep I just bought Mario Party 9 (along with RE: Revelations and Kid Icarus Uprising) as part of the 3 for 2 deal going on at Target this week. I needed a third game and my son really wanted Mario Party 9.

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Sure do - I recently bought Bit.Trip COMPLETE and Rayman Origins, and have Pandora's Tower on pre-order. There are a couple of games in the Wii's back catalogue that I would also like to grab at some point (Wario Land: The Shake Dimension and perhaps one or two more), and I've also got Kirby's Adventure and the new Rhythm Heaven game in mind to pick up soonish.

Unfortunately I've moved to the USA and my Wii is back in Australia, so any game I buy goes straight on to the pile of shame. That'll have to wait a while!

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Yep. Got Mario Party 9 the day it came out....can't actually think of any on the way unless I get Epic Mickey 2 for the Wii.

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nope. i think its done. 3ds is the new. waiting on wii u. i feel like skyward was the nail

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Preordered Pandora's Tower (Limited Edition).
Definately getting Project Zero II: Wii Edition
and Rhythm Heaven Fever when they come to EU.

Still debating over Mario Party 9
and still hope for Excitebots EU release as well. (I heard rumours about Japan getting it, so I hoped we're lucky as well.)


I definately have a lot of games to still get.

Mario Party 9, Lego Batman 2, Epic Mickey 2, Thinking of getting Xenoblade Cronicles, Donkey Kong Country, Samurai Showdown Collection, Super Smash Bros, Fortune Street and any other that I can find.

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you can skip dk. yes its a sidescroller featuring donkey and diddy kong, but its just not the same as the original. no kremlings, no funky, no fun. just tedious sh*t

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I totally agree with @hailsanta. DKCR felt nothing like the originals at all. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get into it. Although, I really wanted to.

@paburrows, I wouldn't just think about purchasing Xenoblade Chronicles. If I were you, I would edit your wishlist and enter Xenoblade Chronicles at #1.

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