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Topic: Do you still buy wii games.

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Last game i bought was Just Dance 3 and honestly i stopped purchasing Wii games after it,my Wii kept scratching discs and i was going to get it repaired again,but i ultimately decided to go against it,it's going to keep happening,so i don't really care,besides there really isn't any games i have left to buy that are really "must have" games for me,besides Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

So to answer your question,No i don't buy Wii games anymore,i just buy points cards and purchase VC/Wiiware games.

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Rather tempted to pick up Skylanders Giants sometime.

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There are at least 25 more Wii games i want to add to my '30 something' Collection, so yesSsSsSs, My Wii is still alive and kickin' and will be for years to come! ;)

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I will be adding to my Wii collection for years to come. I will still be able to play them on the WiiU, and the price to buy on a lot of them will be less than it costs to rent most games.




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There's still a ton of Wii games I missed, so yes, eventually I'll get back into the routine of buying more.

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Kirby's Return to Dreamland was possibly my last. I might pick up the Mario Galaxy games (still haven't played those) at some point after I've gotten a few Wii U games and the system itself of course.

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