Topic: Do you still buy wii games.

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I got super mario galaxy 2 yesterday but the last wii game i got before then were sonic colours and mario and sonic at the olympics last june who still regularly buys wii.I buy alot of games for the 360 and PS3 do you buy mainly for wii or another system.

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Yes, I still buy Wii games when good Wii games are released.
Boom Street was my last purchase, and I'm waiting for my copy of The Last Story to arrive, hopefully today.


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Yeah I still love my Wii I must have about 170-80 games now. I got last story and Pandoras box on pre order

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I do when Wii games actually exist or I have money.

It is not often enough that BOTH of those things are true at the same time sadly.

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Yes, not only are there still a few promising Wii games on the way but there are also many already out that I still need to get.


I recently got Monster Hunter Tri, and I'll be getting Rune Factory Frontier, Xenoblade Chronicles, and the Last Story.

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Yes. I recently got Kirby's Epic Yarn and i pre-ordered The Last Story

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Yup there are still at least a dozen titles I want to snag in the future. The Wii still to this day is my favorite Home console.

(Already saving for the Wii-U on the side )

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Not as much as I used to, but when a game comes along that I'm interested in I'll try to get it. Zelda was the only Wii game in 2011 that I really wanted to play and I ended up getting it, I plan to buy The Last Story when that releases, and maybe Xenoblade. Those will be my last purchases for the system. It had a great run from 2006-2010 sadly it's not going out as strong as it could've but The Last Story will be a great final purchase before I move onto the Wii U.



I just bought Rhythm Heaven Fever around a week ago.


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On occasion I still buy Wii games the last Wii game I bought was Kirby's Return to Dream Land and the next one I'm going to buy will be Xenoblade Chronicles when it comes out and maybe The Last Story when it comes out.

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We bought tons of games for Christmas for the Wii and plan to catch up with older games that we missed (we got our Wii Christmas 2010) throughout this year along with Mario Party 9, Lego Batman 2 and whatever other great games come out this year!

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We got sooooooo many games for Christmas though that its going to be awile to get though them among with all of the great Virtual Console games that I need to catch up on.

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The last Wii game I got was in 2010 AKA when good Wii games were actually coming out (I went there!) which was Monster Hunter Tri. Since then I've been focused on augmenting my PS3 and freeware collections.

Planning on getting Return to Dreamland when it goes on sale though.

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If by "Wii games" you mean the soon to release Xenoblade and The Last Story, then yes. I do. Other than that, nope.

Last Wii game I purchased was Monster Hunter Tri, June 2010. That game still remains to be the only reason that I dust off my Wii.

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Zelda, Xenoblade, and Fire Emblem in the last 6 months. Probably nothing for about the year before that. Monster Hunter Tri gave me great value for money.

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Yup! The last few titles i picked up were Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Nights: Journey of Dreams and Zelda: SKyward Sword a couple of weeks before last Christmas. I've got around 13 or so left to get on the to get list, with 5 still unplayed in my collection including the top 3 above.



Yes, of course! I currently have a few pre-orders including The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Mario Part 9 and I'm looking forward to Rhythm Heaven. Also now that Fatal Frame has been announced for Europe, I'll be getting that too!

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