Topic: Do you play gamecube games on the wii?

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A few of reasons i bought the Wii ,

1- To download decent retro games off VC
2- To play the Resident Evil series for the Gamecube
3- And of course to play Mario games for the Wii



Finished Eternal Darkness last week then fired up the whole resi evil series thru this week. Even had time to chuck on a bit of True Crime New York in all its F - bomb glory..



Sometimes. Definitly not as often as Wii games, but sometimes I just get to wanting to play one of the old ones and that's easier than hooking my GC back up.
Played some Mario Party 4 (along with 8) to sort of get pumped for 9.

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I do when I go to video game parties along with Wii games.


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There's still Gamecube games I want to play that I never did back when it was in the now. Gamestop apprently is phasing out of the Gamecube so I'm going to have to buy all these supposed games online

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never had a gamecube so i beat all these games on my wii
star fox assault
star fox adventures
mario sunshine
zelda windwaker
resident evil 2
resident evil 3
twilight princess (yes i got it for GC )

right now im playing through pikmin 1 on the gamecube(wii)

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Nope, i play them on my sexy black Gamecube!

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Alas no.
But I have got a few of those New Play Controls titles,so kinda yes then.

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If i ever get one i'd also love to play them on the WiiU (support's not likely, i know). But if this is the price to be paid to download some GC gems i missed i'm fine with it.


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The only Gamecube game I own (and the primary reason I bought a Japanese Wii in the first place) is Mr. Driller Drill Land.

Having a worldwide release of this for the Wii-U Virtual Console would be a gift to gamers everywhere.

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I use to play GameCube games on my first Wii, but I have a new flat Wii that doesn't play GameCube, so I can't

I could easily buy a GameCube on eBay if I wanted though


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I used to on my first Wii, but my second Wii doesn't have the compatibility to play Gamecube games. It doesn't matter though, since I have a Gamecube.



The only Gamecube games I really play on the Wii is Smash Bros. Melee & F-Zero GX. I've just seemed to lose interest in all the other games I have for it. Maybe I should get back into them? I do fancy playing some Crazy Taxi right now...

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the only reason why I would play GCN games on my Wii over my GCN is because the Wii is component cable compatible, where as the newer models of the Cube are only Composite or S-Video. People with earlier GCN models most likely will have that shnazzy component cable input...Finding GCN Component cables on the other hand is like going out and searching for peter pan pirate

I'll be playing Super Mario Sunshine on my wii, that's a given...Whenever that happens.



In a market i just found Xtreme G III at only 8 dls. It is excellent. I´m playing it in my Wii.

Me gusta jugar videojuegos. Soy de México. Sorry my english grammar. I love the Virtual Console, party and fighting games too.

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Yep I have certainly held onto my gamecube and games. Always throw something in my Wii to take me back in time (not very long ago) with the Resi Evil series 2 + 3 mainly and Eternal Darkness also True Crime Streets of New York and gave the trippy Killer7 a whirl.



MadAussieBloke wrote:

Yep I have certainly held onto my gamecube and games. Always throw something in my Wii to take me back in time (not very long ago) with the Resi Evil series 2 + 3 mainly and Eternal Darkness also True Crime Streets of New York and gave the trippy Killer7 a whirl.

I've held onto Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and that's it. I seriously miss my copies of Luigi's Mansion 2 and StarWars Rogue Leader. Recently i got rid of my copies of Viewtiful Joe(Great game, but the memories i have playing it were lousy. ), F-Zero GX(HATE this game, must be the music and overall lifeless-techno dismal presentation....Thanks Sega) and Soul Calibur II.

I also had the remake and Zero, but i honestly don't miss either....Not even the remake for some reason. I'm in the minoroty, but it's not one of my favorites in the franchise, i guess it felt a bit too familar considering i've already played through the original, and honestly some of the redone moments/interior decorating changes in the remake were worse imo. discovering Forests's body in the orignal was MILES more intersting and creepy for ex.

But ya, I don't think I've really played much GCN on the Wii...



Wavesta has Luigi Mansion 2 on the cube you have entered a future/past equilibrium my friend I also have the usual suspects like Mario Sunshine and Wind Waker and I like Splinter Cell old games compared to the new like Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.



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