Topic: Do you have many friends that own a Wii?

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Ok, I know like 10 people that have a Wii, from all of them I must have 7 wii codes, 4 of them are from close friends I see regularly, now one of them used to play on her brother's Wii, he is an X-Box freak, but a really possessive one, so little ago she finally got the money to get a Wii for herself, I'm in very good terms with her brother, so I kept his Wiicode even if he doesn't use it that much, so now I have 8, the codes for 5 good friends of mine, and 3 friends I barely see.
But this went too long .

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I have one friend that owns a Wii and the rest own Xbox 360 and PS3 systems. And I believe he's about to sell his Wii.

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Nearly all my friends have PS3/360's, my housemate plays cod4 online every hour he isn't sleeping or working and has done for about 8 month now, sometimes i forget he even lives in the same house untill i walk past his room and hear grenades going off or him saying "sorry" after killing a teammate. I cannot understand how he is not bored of it yet + it doesn't look like it will end any time soon with Modern Warfare 2 coming out (he has already booked a week off work just to play this). Most of my friends only play FPS's nowadays but i still love the fun gaming only Nintendo can provide.


Friends? What are those?

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Sean+Aaron wrote:

__Stevie wrote:

(he has already booked a week off work just to play this)

Clearly someone who has little involvement with the outside world!

Yes, he freely admits he is addicted to it but has no problem with that. The funny thing about it is he did used to go out and socialise before he got a 360, and i used to see him more then when we didn't live in the same house than i do now. I myself cannot comprehend how playing one game constantly for this length of time can be fun, but i know there are many other people who are the same, the only game that is worse for sapping peoples life is WOW.



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