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So I am making my way through DKCR and gathering all KONGs and puzzle pieces along the way. There are also Time Attack medals, but I find that aspect the most frustrating.

The biggest frustration I have is due to my inability to stay in a continuous roll due to my mediocre "waggling". I end up coming out of the roll and taking damage from bad guys. In order to get a gold medal it seems like barrel rolling is a key strategy.

Is it possible to do a continuous roll? What do you get if you do all the time attacks (the temples seem to unlock without it)?

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As far as I know, you don't get anything from getting all the medals in Time Attack, any remaining concept art is unlocked via beating Mirror Mode instead.

Not sure about the continuous roll though, been a while since I played this game.

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Doody on the back was the key. Thanks!

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