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Alot has been written about lag in online gameplay. Especially on the Nintendo Wii system. My wonder is if anybody have tested the difference in connecting through the USB LAN port instead of the wireless one. I´m not sure about the xbox 360 or the ps3 but arn´t those connected through cabeI? Is there anything to gain with the USB LAN adaptor?

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I've used both, and noticed no real difference between the two. The speed of your actual connection (check yours at if you're curious) is the deciding factor in my experience.

well, that, and don't be downloading any huge files at the same time (set a limit on your active torrents while you're playing ).

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I personally don´t have a problem with lag, sure, I have seen it, who has not. Is it possible for you (or anybody else) to test both connection types through the Internet channel on that site. Good site by the way... I have 10ms response time and 7MBit transferrate locally (Sweden). Tried against Fort Lauderdale US server.... 276ms / 1,7MBit... ouch.

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International will suffer. I have an ADSL2 connection and get 12-15Mbit to London, but to Tokyo it drops down to 1.3Mbit and downloading WiiWare/VC stuff on my Japanese Wii takes noticeably longer so online gaming with Japan only really works well for games like Mahjong where response time isn't a factor.

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I've used both; I tend to use the USB connector more frequently, actually, as my wireless router is prone to fits and starts.

In Smash Bros., the lag is still unbearable.




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