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I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed with the two review scores it received until now. The reviews aren't bad, but I expected the game to be a little more than just 'decent'. I'm still going to buy The Conduit though, for the multiplayer alone ("Bounty Hunter" sounds great ) and also because I want to support games like this on the Wii.

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Atlantis1982 wrote:

One game that comes to mind is No More Heroes; that was the final straw for me to really give a rats (censored) about Matt the (censored again, same word too) and his bull crap: like Kid Icaris. I think he uses that game just to rally the blinded Ninty-fanboys to continue to hate Nintendo.

I don't want to derail this thread, but I'm not clear if that means you don't like No More Heroes, which scored an 8.9 on IGN. I think the game is totally brilliant in its tone and execution; especially the lampooning of traditional gameplay mechanics (I love the mini-games where you not only need to press A, but also raise the wiimote to the exclamations of "It's easy!") and ideas.

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diego_pmc wrote:

I have to admit, I'm pretty disappointed with the two review scores it received until now.

That's just what the game is though.

Nothing special, just average. Its Metacritic/Gamerankings score will likely fall in the mid/lower-70's.

Certainly not the fantastic game High Voltage has lied to everyone about.

DaVeMaN99 wrote:

Hey I never knew ClicketyClick was here! From Gamespot

She's not.

She just wanted to contact me.



The Conduit isn't coming out in Europe until July. LINKRIGHTHERE

And I like this comment:

I really don't care for brand fidelity as its simply ridiculous to associate deep afections with some pieces of plastic and metal, having an artificially created brand image/name through marketing technicians sticked into it. I have no brand loyalty at all. I just have a clinic eye on things.

I've been reading about videogames since 1989, and no, I'm NOT a troll. My only concern is with quality and with the truth (or with what looks truthful to me), nothing else. I find quite astonishing the way some people talk on this game.

How can anyone compare High Voltage's pedigree to Bethesda's, Valve's or Infinity Ward's!? Open your EYES for once! This is an average to solid fps overhyped during the last months as wii's genre-defining savior. As an almost metaphysical entity, a deity destined to surrend the sinners from their bad habits.

People should be able to understand that this level of hype is NOT compatible at all with the product being announced. This is a good game, nothing else. There is a universe between an 8.0 and a 9.5 game - the first can surely entertain the masses for sometime while the other is destined to be remembered for generations to come.

Amen my brotha!



Lol whoever said that comment man, that was a passionate piece of writing. I commend you!

@ALEXSAYS lol i like reading ur comments cuz they r so blunt and to the point, is there any question u cant answer in one sentence lol?

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DaDun wrote:

@ALEXSAYS lol i like reading ur comments cuz they r so blunt and to the point, is there any question u cant answer in one sentence lol?

Thanks and no there isn't. lol

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I agree with whoever Alexsays qouted on post 64, especially on his/her take on the whole "The Conduit is the Wii's savior" thing. I think that is one of the reasons why this game rubs me the wrong way. I hate the fact that people think that people don't buy this game, then every "hardcore" Wii game will simultaneously disintegrate and then reform into Deca Sports 2. I'm sure that if the game doesn't have great first month sale, other companies are NOT going to stop production of the "hardcore" titles. I'm sick of every freakin' preview stating that if you don't buy The Conduit, HVS will self-destruct and your a worse person then Hitler for condemning the Wii into a hell of titles with the word "party" in them. I want to buy a game because I want to not because I feel like I have to.



It is good to have AlexSays back around. His disappearance was no fun.

Plain old gamer :)


Matt @ IGN finished it in 5 or so hours. Not what I wanted to hear.

I'm still buying it tho', cos I want futuristic online fps goodness, but I'm a bit disappointed to hear that.



its gonna be worth every penny



5 hours for single player? If it's enough fun that I want to play it again, that's good enough for me!

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