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A couple of weeks ago, Boulder Dash was delisted from the section, but since last Saturday August 3rd., the whole section, all of the 8 remaining games for the C64 VC are gone from the NA Shop Channel. Farewell, C64, you won't be forgotten.



I'm dissappointed because NA never got Impossible Mission.

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Australia never got them anyway... Now if they were Amiga games I would be disappointed



I wish there were would have been the games Jumpman and Turrican, it would have been really great if Nintendo allowed for the Giana Sisters to be there too. Oh well, with the Wii U out there and struggling to get in an acceptable number of households, I doubt Nintendo will make it possible for the C64 to make a comeback and add more games. Maybe it's time to go on a crazy shopping spree while VC and Wiiware last, maybe its end is closer than we all thought.

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Epyx actually did a retail release of Impossible Mission for Wii. It can usually be found pretty cheaply, and includes options to play in classic or modern modes. It's not quite the same as playing the C64 game, but it's worth a couple bucks.

And as AussieBloke said, Australia never got any C64 games at all for some confounding reason, so consider yourself lucky to have had a shot at them at all.

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Help! i look for a PAL version of Impossible Mission for Wii everywhere.


Impossible Mission for Wii? I want it! Is it only Europe or also America?

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According to GameFAQs, it was released in US, EU and AU.



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