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Is the original Classic Controller better than the Classic Controller Pro for kids with small hands?

I have a CCP and wanted to get a CC for my young boy, but wasn't sure which would be better?


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They both almost the same thing

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Try both, i preffer the normal classic for fast games, and more the pro classic for long games.

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I have both and it really depends on the game. For Virtual Console, I prefer the classic one. For hardcore games such as Last Story, Xenoblade, Smash Bros, etc — I prefer Classic Controller Pro. Similar to what DarkEdi said. My two cents.

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Personally I slightly prefer the Pro, but I don't think the normal classic controller is a bad controller, I used the classic with Monster Hunter for Wii and now I use the pro for MH Ultimate, both do the trick. The sticks of the classic controller are positioned like a PS dualshock controller, while with the pro the sticks and buttons are switched. I'd go with the classic one because it's slightly smaller and the sticks are easier to reach with smaller hands. It's cheaper too.

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I found the Pro much more comfortable in that I could cradle it during games that weren't heavy on controls, such as a turn-based RPG. The regular one requires a tighter grip, IMO.

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