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Hey guys, what character in Brawl for you has the most KOs, Falls, Wins, and Losses (The only 4 that really matter lol). Whats the amount too...Give updates if theres big changes in your list.

For Me:
KOs: Samus- 1213
Falls: Pit- 589
Wins (1st Places): Samus- 272
Losses (Last places): Metaknight - 43

You can copy and paste my format if you want

Wins (1st Places):
Losses (Last Places):

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KOs: 0
Falls: 0
Wins (1st Places): 0
Losses (Last Places): 0



I'm not sure really and I don't have access to my Wii currently. I would guess though that Lucario or King Dedede have the most KOs. Possibly followed by Mario as I used him a lot to try out my Mario themed custom stages. I'd imagine Jigglypuff has the most falls.



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