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Nothing important, but i just change my old 512 mb SD card for a 4 Gb fast card (now that we have the SD "hack") and Brawl doesn't let me save videos or images on the SD, i dont know if that happens to other games that can use the Card to save data.



I believe the problem has something to do with the 4gb card being SDHC. Unless a patch or something was released for brawl itself it will probably never support SD cards above 2gb. I own GH: World Tour and Brawl and they both work fine with my 2gb SD card so I think it's safe to say that the problem is the lack of SDHC support.

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That could be it; the firmware updates as I understand it are incremental; games are more or less static as you say, so they'd need to patch the IOS that Brawl uses to make it happen, but that's not likely since they'd have to make sure the changes don't break other games that use the same IOS.

SD cards are cheap; you can always just have a dedicated card for Brawl...


SDHC cards do not work in games released before the Wii update - SDHC support newer games are yet to be confirmed. No idea if Pay & Play content will run from them though :S

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@Sean: No WiiWare game DLC from what I've seen works from the SD... It has to be on the Wii memory, like the save data. Sucks, because SIGE takes WAY too much space even with the update because of DLC.

@OP: No disc title will support over 2GB cards as of yet. Nintendo doesn't allow title updates, so I don't see this being fixed. RB2 has the same issue as SSBB (although some of us on the RB2 tech boards found a workaround to use 4GB non-HC SDs).

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