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Two nintendo games for 25 bucks is a Steal!

Now I just hope my Target has the same sell.

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Token Girl wrote:

Deals were nowhere near as good at my target. No Punch Out, Sin and Punishment was $25, Red Steel 2 was $30, Starfy was $20. I'm going to need to check another Target sometime.

Is there anyway to have a Target store price match another Target?



Wow, I have to check that out. I'm glad I gave my dad a list of video games that were my top priority for Christmas presents, and the ones on my list are newer releases that won't be discounted anyway.

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@nintendonerd0011: Target stores will only price match items that are in local competitor ads, you must have the complete ad too, doesn't matter if they're just gonna throw it away after, absolutely no exceptions, don't bother appealing to reason, don't ask them to call other stores, absolutely no exceptions to their price match policy. I know, its ridiculous. I've contacted their corporate offices. It doesn't matter if you bring in anything other than a local competitor ad, you'll be denied a price match and don't even bother with printouts or printouts of ads, those'll be denied too. I've decided not to purchase anything from Target for the holidays for that very reason. Target stores in different districts have different clearance items and within a district, prices will vary, I was told this by a Target employee.

I've been shopping online instead, like Amazon, free shipping over $25 and no tax for most states.

Sin and Punishment, $20

Red Steel 2, $20

Starfy, $18

Edit: You can get gift cards for Amazon at your local grocery store or 7-11, you're welcome if you actually wanted to buy any of those. Target can suck it. Also, TRU is having a buy 1 get 1 half off sale next week, seriously, just look around online, if you factor in tax and convenience, it'll be worth it just to shop online instead of driving from store to store.

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@skyotek Usually, I do buy online (, but this was one of those times when In-Store was actually cheaper.

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Whoever got these deals are lucky. I drove to two different Targets in my area with no such luck. In fact, they didn't even have the games you mentioned available for purchase. The first target also had no bargain bin/section to speak of and the other had a tiny section of BARF! worthy games near checkout. Maybe it's store specific deals or something. One of the Targets I went to used to have a nice discounted section and now it's completely gone. Too bad, cuz I really wanted to get Punch Out!!

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Hmm, Sin and Punishment at my local Target was $25.

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Just got back from Target, Sin and Punishment was like 18$ and both Red Steal 2 and Rhythm Heaven were 7.49$!!!

Picked up a copy of Red Steal!! Might go back for Sin and Punishment 2 tomorrow if they still have any



I really need to go check out the Targets around here to see if any of these deals are available...

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KaiserGX wrote:

Will anyone get Punch-Out for me? I can send you 6 bucks through paypal and give you Muramasa or Super Scribblenauts (or both if you want). Or I can gift you VC/Wiiware worth up to $22.

Check your email.




Oh boi oh boi. Too bad mommy wont let me get any more games cuz it's too near to christmas

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I doubt those deals are at all the targets.



KaiserGX wrote:

Really? There's tones of stuff y... oh from the clearance.

The clearance section has been obsorbed into the main games section. There was nothing on sale asside from Kidz and Petz games over at my target.

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No sales or S&P when I went...=( They must have sold them though, because the copies of S&P they had before were completely gone. Guess I missed out...

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I saw S&P2 for $20 at one near where I live but I got Starfy and Rhythm Heaven for $15 at Wal-Mart

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My local Target had Sin and Punishment on clearance, but for $24.95. They also had Glory of Heracles, but instead of the $8 price I've been seeing around, it was $15. No fair!



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