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Are you filling your Wii games library with various Wii games that are now/still probably going cheap, while waiting for Wii U games worth paying the full price come by?

Back in 2007 when I got my first console (Wii) since Sega Megadrive, I ended up buying GCN games (Super Mario Sunshine, Metroid Primes, Wind Waker w/ Ocarina of Time, Eternal Darkness) preowned while waiting for new Wii games I actually wanted to play. Now, I'm doing pretty much the same with Wii games before the preowned Wii games market deflates in variety and occasionally inflates in prices (hello, Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Prime Trilogy). I've bought NPC Pikmin 1 (although I already had it for GCN, since my Wii was showing signs of breaking down) and three less-than-well-received games preowned (Samurai Warriors Katana, All Star Cheerleader 2, Sonic and the Secret Rings), in addition to Super Paper Mario something, DKCR and Wii Sports Resort.

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Yes I am. I just recently found Super Paper Mario and BlastWorks in this obscure little store at very cheap prices. There's many more there that I may pick up soon.

Also, the Walmart nearby just suddenly stocked up on ExciteBots! So I'm definitely gonna go pick one up soon!

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Yup. I got DK Country Returns and Metroid: Other M, and plan to get other older retail and Virtual Console releases as well.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Yo, got Dokapon Kingdom (19,99€) as my 170th Wii disc game. It is a true overlooked gem I'm happy to have discovered in Wii's vast catalogue (of shovelware).

It's a lighthearted Japanese RPG boardgame with a huge storymode that up to 4 players can enjoy. I'm playing it with a friend, we're 20hrs in and there's no sign we stop soon, it's very fresh (unique), addictive and fun!

But not every interesting looking game is gold.

Quiz Party is another one I picked up, because it is distributed and published by Nintendo, has the Club Nintendo stars, Mii support, it is for up to 99 players, and it was just 8,99€.
It's one of the newest 'Nintendo' games for Wii, was made by Belgium/French developer CK Games.
With over 2000 questions and minigames there's quite some variety. But the game is glitchy (which is a technical ko for a simple quiz game, especially when it's distributed by Nintendo) and feels uninspired and laggy with a failed attempt to copy the bland but clean art style of Wii Sports/Fit/Party.
The Single Player is nothing more than just one random quiz question at a time, so the focus is totally on party/multiplayer. The more people the better the experience.
I'm definately wanting to try this game with a huge group of friends to at least having played the game to it's full potential.

The least of my new trio comes last.
Enclave: Shadows of Twilight is an unfortunate port. It was released on PC in 2009 and on Wii with much delay in 2012. It looked and played great on PC. And the art on the Wii box and the hi-res screenshots on the back of the boxart looked promising. But the actual game has two glaring problems. Obviously the graphics are severely dumbed down. And when I say severely I mean totally. The polygons/characters are blocky, the textures are blurry, the framerate is pretty bad, some animations aren't even finished, there are clipping errors, and the rendered cutscenes run in a horrible quality. If you know the PC game, there are cool realtime lightning effects or just simple details like rats in the sewers, all completely missing in the Wii version. But it doesn't end here. None of the 3 control methods are perfect. The default setting was awkward to play, but the other two settings were even worse, so I had to switch back and just get on with it. Honestly, I get the feeling they ported it to the Nintendo 64, and put the ROM on a Wii disc. It just resembles a N64 game in graphics and controls so much! Not in a negative way. It just gives me good positive nostalgic N64 vibes. Makes this port not completely bad. I would even recommend it for N64 action-adventure fans that need more blocky blurry polygonfodder.


No. The last thing I need is for my backlog to get even larger.

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I'm pretty happy with my Wii collection at this point. There are a handful of games that I'd still like to get if seen cheap, most notably Kirby's Return to Dream Land... but no real "needs" at this point.

Total damage done? 172 retail Wii games collected over the past six years. Crazy!


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Glad to see I'm not alone here (just spent money on Boom Blox, Mini Ninjas and Warioland: The Shake Dimension).

Of the games I've already received, I can say that Samurai Warriors Katana (from 2007) is a very ugly game and so far an on-rails one, strongly reminiscent of Dragon Quest Swords but nowhere near as pretty. DQS is probably the better of the two games. SWK has a bit too much waggle (I had already forgotten the "shake the nunchuk and the wiimote as fast as you can to run" events in Wii games), but less than Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (far more than No More Heroes, though). Sparse and awful voice acting (I'll have to see if the Japanese voiceovers are any better) and possibly a bit iffy translation notwithstanding, I've spent an hour or two with it and it's nowhere near as bad as I feared, with a Metascore of 53 or so. But it's a bit humbling to get repeatedly smacked down by Oichi (her weapon is a kendama, a toy). Doesn't look like I'll be getting back to play it, though, until I have completed Lego City Undercover.

My backlog keeps growing...

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I am as well! I was about to start a thread about this. I lately picked up Mario Strikers Charged (believe it is called something different I'm PAL regions), Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Kirby Adventure Wii? Something like that in PAL), Sin and Punishment Star Successor, Metroid Other M, Muramasa The Demon Blade, and Mario Super Sluggers. I enjoy collecting for the Wii; I hope to finish with over 75 different titles. ( You TOO, Xenoblade)

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With my current backlog, plus stuff I want from the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 line-up, I will be set for gaming from now until about 2025. Never mind that any new Zelda, Metroid, or Fire Emblem game is a Day One for me.

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I'm mostly just keeping my eyes open for a good deal on Kirby's Return to Dreamland.



steamhare wrote:

I'm mostly just keeping my eyes open for a good deal on Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

Yes I also waited. It actually went up. Hopeless it seems..

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Other than Pandora's Tower, there's no Wii games I need to buy. I bought pretty much every major, good game for the Wii at launch and played through it. Love my Wii collection and glad I am able to call it complete.

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Rounding out? I am new to the Wii, so I got lots of catching up to do. There are maybe 3 games in my collection that I paid a "regular" price for. Most others came dirt cheap off ebay. I'm currently playing through Epic Mickey, which costed $6.50 shipped. I have Boom Blox Bash Party in the mail for $9.75 shipped. I am keeping an eye on Kirby Epic Yarn, some Lego titles and Metroid Prime: Corruption. Alas, there are only so many hours in a day.

Top retail Wii games are both plentiful and cheap, as cheap as a Virtual Console download. Although everybody seem to be looking forward to the next shiny thing, IMHO there has never been a better time to own a Wii.



I'm surprised no one posted this here yet... might be a tad relevant for us.

Still, I'd love to find "Step to the Beat" for cheap... except that both new and used copies are close to £30 ("Walk it Out" in the US). I hadn't even heard of the game until last month... At that price, I'll give it a pass.

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I still need to buy a few more titles like: Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros wii, Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Xenoblade and Mario Kart. The probability of finding Fire Emblem and Xenoblade is slim though. I'm also considering getting a couple of 3rd party games like Resident Evil 4, Sonic Colors, and Muramasa the Demon Blade.

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I would like to know if people have experienced game availability problems. I realize there are maybe 3 games mentioned here that are notable exceptions, but my impression is that mainstream games are plentiful and getting cheaper. Publishers don't really need to take their titles out of print, since the main cost of developing them is already sunk. Nintendo is still moving brand new Wii consoles at non-trivial quantities. And lots of gamers will have tired of their games after a few years and would be happy to sell them off.



I put the cut for "availability problems" at about £25 preowned on Pounds, because using euros might change the availability downwards (less providers shipping to the mainland). The games I checked were games I have or want.

The steep prices included Klonoa (not presently available there), Sakura Wars: So Long My Love (£40), Go Vacation (£30), Kirby's Adventure (£38), Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World (£28). Endless Ocean 2 is £22.

Resident Evil games, Let's Tap, Rabbids Go Home, all MySims and House of the Dead games were very much in the affordable range (about £10 or less).

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The_Fox wrote:

No. The last thing I need is for my backlog to get even larger.

That said, there are two or three Wii games left that I want. Plus Sonic & the Black Knight.

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Most of the games i want are 1st party like dkcr, mario galaxy 2, and fire emblem.

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