Topic: Anyone getting Wii motionplus?

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Not sure about WiiSpeak. I'll try to find out.

Edit: Doesn't look like it's supported.

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Neither games (Tiger, GST, and WSR) have WiiSpeak, but I did bought the Tiger Woods bundle and I am enjoying it so far.



I'd most certainly buy it right now; I can get $20 pretty easily!
But I'm going to work on July 4th and wait 21 days until July 26 when Wii Sports Resort comes out; since it's the only 1 game I want for the Wii Motion Plus! So no sense in getting one now if I can't use it!
Also my other money will go to buying Dragonball Evolution; when it comes out on July 28th! It was my favorite movie I saw in April; & I was so happy & glad to see it!



Is it a case of games with wii motionplus wont be playable with normal wii controls...Also what games other than red steel, tiger woods and wii sports resort are being the conduit bundled?

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The Conduit doesn't use it.

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