Topic: Anyone else been having a "nostalgic" Wii gaming marathon?

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I'm finally beating The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess after so long. It's my first Wii game (Wii Sports was played after), and although I said I've retired my Wii, I want it to go out with a proper farewell - finishing the very first game I played on it.

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I am also playing twilight again, seems like a good farewell for the Wii.


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I've been blitzing my Wii backlog recently, finished up The Last Story, now onto Monster Hunter Tri with No More Heroes 2 after that.



I been playing F-Zero GX on the Wii, since its the last time I'm going to be able to play it on.
I hope F-Zero GX comes out for the Wii U VC

On a side note, I pick up Punch-Out Wii, and I can't put it down, it has become one of my most fav game to play on the Wii.
If you haven't played Punch-Out on the Wii, then your missing out on a true gem.

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Not really a 'nostalgic' gaming marathon, but I have been playing a lot of The Last Story.



i just finished pikmin 1 just followed by pikmin 2 for Wii. The nature in there is so gorgeous
Oh and the pointer controls are very comfy too.

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I've recently been stocking up on cheap, older titles for the Wii, currently playing through Mercury Meltdown Revolution. Definitely a great game with plenty of content, especially for the $3 I spent on it.

Before that, I finally went and collected the last 60 or so stars on Super Mario Galaxy as Luigi (or should I say Super Luigi Galaxy?), as I was kind of burnt out on SMG after going through Mario's stars years ago.

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More like an INtense trying to Cowabunga "catch up" Marathon consisting of these crazy classics that i keep putting on hold in favor of shorter yet sweet 'retro' gaming.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Zelda: Skyward Sword
Pikmin 2 (Wii Version)
Rayman Origins
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Donkey Kong Country returns
A Boy & his Blob
NiGhts: journey into Dreams
Rayman Raving Rabbids
No More Heroes 2
ect ect....

Pikmin 2 and Rayman Origings are 'top' priority considering Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends are on the oh so sweet Wii U horizon!

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I have no nostalgic feelings connected with it because it's a pretty new game, but obviously the gameplay and the graphics, and something about the atmosphere's extremely 16-bit and that is just very nostalgic to me.
I remembered many other games while playing La-Mulana and it's taking me to all those early ruins exploration classics... Indiana Jones (the early games), Rick Dangerous, Montezuma's Revenge, Spelunker, even Tomb Raider, and is pumping it up with presentation, gameplay and puzzles of Mario & Zelda quality. It's a core game though. Some cryptic riddles are for the hardcore puzzlers (think Prof. Layton) and some of the jump&run sequences are for the hardcore adventurers (think Castlevania Symphony of the Night).

I would recommend this game especially to fans that want a Zelda II remake (because this is about the closest they will get at the moment or in the next few years) and fans of the sidescroller action/adventure genre in general (fans of Metroid, Castlevania, the Wonder Boy RPGs, etc.)

Yeah I read the damn "TURN LA-MULANA INTO HELL TEMPLE" sign twice and had to restart because it was getting too difficult. But I have replayed all of it, because the game is great and I can't wait to check out what lies ahead.


I actually completed the final world of Rayman Origins today(no not the Land of the Livid Dead),and was quite amused by the end(well,what of it).

I'm rather tempted to go and play Epic Mickey now,cause of the sequel.

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Gamesake wrote:

A-Hungry-Banker wrote:

Rayman Origins,the game the New Super Mario Bros series could learn a thing or two from.

Rayman Origins is good but not quite as good as New Super Mario Bros Wii.

The levels in Rayman were all pretty linear, even NSMBW has more alternate paths and secret areas than Rayman Origins. The multiplayer in Rayman doesn't take the experience to new heights either. It's simply not more fun with more people, whereas NSMBW is exponentially better with more people. Also, the boss fights in Rayman weren't so amazing. They were all memory games--giant bosses make the exact same moves (and I mean no deviations whatsoever) no matter what you do. Zero AI at work there. And I don't find myself wanting to revisit the game much after beating it, since Rayman Origins was at times a grueling collect-a-thon.

im sorry but i HATE the NSMBW multiplayer let me explain, i beated it twice once with my brother we had like 7 game overs by the time we beated it.We couldnt stop accidently killing eachother the game was just to small for 2 players to play without running into each other i beated the game just the other day by myself without a single game over.



@hoennishome The way the game changes with multiplayer is my favorite thing about NSMBW. Bumping into each other was all part of the fun. I remember encountering a really difficult jump and I told my friend I could get us both over it. I picked her up and immediately fell down a pit. We both thought it was hilarious. Making it through the multiplayer game was fun and challenging and even helpful at times. I felt the game gave us enough extra guys to go around too. The NSMBW single player game was boring by comparison. my pants.


I'm actually re-visiting some of my favorite Wii games so the wait for the Wii U isn't as harsh.

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I'm in no rush to get a Wii U. I waited until 2008 to get a Wii, and I should have waited even longer than that since the Wii really only started getting going in 2010. Makes me kind of sad that the Wii is ending since it was just starting to get good. Plus I was really hoping Rodea the Sky Soldier would get released before the Wii kicked the bucket. Now I doubt it will ever come out. : (

As for Wii games, I'm waiting until I get my Wii Mini to play Skyward Sword since it comes with a wii-remote plus. Been REALLY wanting to play that game since it looks gorgeous, but couldn't get myself to buy a third controller just to play it. Now I finally have an excuse to buy one. Also bought Kirby's Epic Yarn at Wal-Mart today brand new for 24 bucks. Really enjoying it so far. Funny how it cost 34 dollars USED at the EBGames in the same mall.

EDIT: Derp. Sorry I bumped this thread. I was browsing old threads and responded to this forgetting to check the date.

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No matter what the game is, try your best to find enjoyment in it for whatever reason. Sometimes a bad game just needs a bit of a shot to the arm with the imagination of a goofball :).

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IAmNotWill wrote:

Not Wii, but I have been on a GameCube craze lately. Been playing a bunch of old games from my childhood days.

In fact, I still have played little of the Wii, besides SSBB. I'm thinking of getting into it.

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Once I finish playing around with my whopping four Wii U games, yes, I'll start plaing Wii games again.
I never played a whole ton of Wii games I wanted to, notably, Rayman Origins, both new Kirby games, the Kirby collection, and I never finished Xenoblade, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. And I'm sure there are more I wanted to get as well but I can't remember right now. I also have several lying around that I never got around to properly playing, Spectrobes: Origins comes to mind.
And both Super Mario Galaxies, darn, I just plain want to go through them again so badly. I've actually been meaning to for some time, but I held off doing so because the Wii U was set to launch so I knew I would get an excuse for it again(never had plans to transfer my data, Gen 8 is a fresh one for me and I did the same with my 3DS).
Edit: Oh yeah, and I never got around to starting up Monster Hunter Tri. I might start playing Let's Go To The City as well. I never played that because I thought it was too similar to Wild World, but since New Leaf is coming out within a few months it might be good to start up a new town again to go with it.

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Yes I have been in the same mood! Just recently played Rayman Origins for a week and am now towards the very end of Skyward Sword... I think. this game feels like it never end ( which isn't a bad thing). When you think you are almost at the end of the game, you are actually maybe midway. I am almost positive I am at the end now, because I just put all of the Hero's song together and am now headed for the final trial (I hate those with a passion!!) at Skyloft.

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