Topic: Anybody playing Rayman Origins?

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The PS1 original smokes Origins in the challenge department. Now THAT game was hard, possibly a little too hard and finding the electoons was downright irritating at times since you'd have to take random leaps of faith typically sending you to your doom not even half way through the game. The first Rayman is one of my favorite platformers of all time and easily one of the most whimsical out there.

In origins the caged electoons are ridiculously easy to find....The real challenge comes in to play when collecting enough Lums to earn another Electoon on a stages's medallion..Scratch that, gettting an *Electoon badge per each stage will easily give you the most trouble that i'm sure will tickle your hardcore retro-challenge fancy, and of course those frantic 'chase the treasure' stages. You get unlimmited lives, so there's no real consequence or intensity this time around. You'll never feel like you're in danger, nor will you be on the edge of your seat the majority of the time in compairson to the first.

I personally would of loved to of seen some tilt function incorperated in the same way Wario Land Shake it used it. Anyways! Hopefully I'll have a better time with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Anybody else feel the same way about Rayman Origins?

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Best 2D platfomer on Wii.

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Eh, I don't really like the controls in this. Legends seems much smoother especially when going back in forth between the two. It's a good game, though.

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I'm still not sure wether I want to buy this for the Wii or the 3DS. The 3D and portability are big additions for me, but the Wii version seems better every other way.

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WaveBoy wrote:

Hopefully I'll have a better time with Donkey Kong Country Returns.

You will if you loved the SNES trilogy.

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