Topic: Any GOOD MULTIPLPLAYER minigame collections!?

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I like some mini games. Are there any good minigame collections with lots of ACTION? This is the reason Mario Party is disqualified.. Also, I already have it. I don't like it

To give you an idea of what I'm thinking, if you've ever played Crash Bash, that was a FUN minigame collection. Used to play it with my siblings all the time.

by multiplayer, I mean games where you have 4 players fighting it out. At the same time. No waiting to take your turn, that has it's own place and I'm really just looking for quick and easy multiplayer fun here.

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Wii Sports Resort
Nintendo Land
maybe the console Wariowares

aka games that make minigames look like jokes (cause they usually are, or something)

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NIntendoland is great when it comes to being very fun and also accessable. A good amount of content, too.

I would say Dokapon Kingdom, but that's not what you're looking for, so... yeah. I kind of just want more people to know that game exists. And all the others I've played have either been Mario Party or Warioware.

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Nintendo Land.

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You guys realize this is the Wii section of the forums, not the Wii U section?

That said, the Wii Recommendations thread is here if you'd like to ask for recommendations re: minigame collections for Wii, xThomas. Please feel free to post there. Thank you! :3

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