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While playing LoTR Legos we got a black screen saying "an error has occurred" telling us to eject the disk and reset the console which failed to fix the problem. after getting this error mid game we are now unable to play any of our games on the wii, except those that were bought through the Wii Shopping channel and saved to the Wii. Clearly this error is not caused by any real problem to read brand new mint condition games, but is actually result of a bad software problem quite possibly as a result of our recent update of the wii system. LoTR worked through the whole story mode, about 2 days playing for few hours at a time, on day 3 working on side quests is when the error occurred. I've read posts from others stating CoD Black Ops caused same error as well as few other games; which seems to be the case. A game causes the error and then Wii refuses to even try to play any games from that point on. How can this be fixed without paying the Highwaymen $85, I fixed my own Red-Eye on the 360 I think I could manage to fix this too if I could just get the instructions on how too reset whatever flags this error. thanks for the help in advance



I might be having a somewhat similar problem.

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