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Looks like Sonic is going back to the 2D means of presentation and gameply. Good move since the 3D games haven't been too convincing (though Hereos, Secret Rings and non-werehog Unleashed were ok, if not captivating, plays). However, SEGA aren't letting on if the game will be released on the Wii. If it is, I will immediately radar it unlike what I did with the black knight (which I ignored).

Having said all that, the 3D Sonic games HAVE sold pretty well on the Wii


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I'm guessing they really mean 2.5D, like Klonoa rather than strictly 2D like Wario, hope its 2D and also hope they don't screw up this time.



It won't be for the Wii... Gamespot had a interview with someone at Sega about this game and that person repeatedly stressed the term HD... Which is something the Wii doesn't do. Maybe we'll get a "light weight" version of the game but it won't be the primary focus.


Yep, I agree with @Djungelurban the emphasis on the HD side of this, rules the Wii out unfortunately.
I think that Sega will get this one right, they have continually mastered 2D Sonic with the Sonic Advance and Rush series and as LEGEND MARIOID mentions, the 2D parts of Unleashed were fun.
Who knows they may convert this one to Wii further down the line. Perhaps when Nintendo releases a High Definition console, but that topic is for a completely new forum board and is a subject which I imagine Nintendo Life users have already discussed to death.

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They are really missing the mark if they don't release this for the Wii. I know a lot of people who are old SEGA fans who would go nuts about a decent 2D sonic that own only a DS and Wii. It will sell well on the other consoles if its good but the Wii is where the market for that sort of game is.

oh, and didn't SEGA put the "HD" emphasis on the last cross console Sonics? I'd wait for a trailer but I would be surprised if this isn't also a Wii game.

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I don't think I can put into words quite how excited I am about this upcoming title. The fact it's called "Project Needlemouse" proves, once and for all, that Sega loves me.

Please excuse me whilst I go jabber on and on endlessly to myself whilst dancing until I collapse into a twitching puddle of Sega love.


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I have this feeling that this game will be a retail PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game. Because, the Wii does not have HD. Regardless, I'm very excited and I will buy this game as soon as it comes out!



It's about time they make another 2D game. Haven't fans been begging for years? Or what's left of fans anyway. If they make it in similarity to Sonic Rush, I'm happy.



If this doesn't come out for Wii, I will be officially pissed off. If all us Wii Sonic fans can get are the storybook crap, I will officially never buy another Sega product again.


well they said the same about unleashed and we had a wii version.

But I agree, ignoring the wii is a stupid idea. sonic games sold more on nintendo platforms so it doesn't make any sense.

let's see what happens.


I would be disappionted if this does not show up on the Wii. I actually less skeptical of this Sonic than some of the past games.

I am wondering is this a retail game or downloadable? I guess time will tell

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I don't really care if this game comes out since I hate Sonic so much. Ever since my friend's best character in Brawl became Sonic I've developed an incredible grudge against Sonic and all his little animal friends too.

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I've already gushed about this recent (and aweome!) development in another thread, but I guess I should probably take the time in a thread about this new 2D Sonic (why do I giggle when I say those three words together?). All I can say is YAY! Thank you Sega! This is something I've wanted you to do for so long, ever since Sonic was no longer the enemy (not that he ever truly was to me, as I cheated on Nintendo in my youth to play Sonic). My best wishes go out to Sega in hopes that they can turn Project Needlemouse into one of the best Sonic games to ever come out.

As for a Wii version, yes, I'm really hoping that Sega gives us version of the game, as I would be semi-depressed if they didn't. I'm really wanting to play this game despite only hearing about it yesterday night (and having no screenshots or anything), so please, Sega, as we've tried our best to support Sonic through the bad times, support us with a Wii version of this new game. I'll buy it! And I'm sure a lot of other people will too!

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It's funny how everyone thinks there won't be a Wii version just because the dude said "HD". It's called good PR as that is what a lot of gamers want to hear. You honestly think Sega will ignore Wii, their biggest fanbase. They rarely leave them out with any of their titles let alone a SONIC game.

That said, I do wish Wii was the core platform especially since it receives the most sells. I wish Wii Sonic would include exclusive features like Guitar Hero. Hopefully, the level designs will be different per platform ala Sonic Unleashed.

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I did a little digging and found that Sonic Unleashed sold more copies on the Wii than the PS3 and 360 versions combined, so yes, I'd say SEGA would be making a massive mistake in not bringing it to Wii.

Edit: Looks like all the complaining about the past 3D Sonic games finally paid off!

Does anyone else think this was influenced by Mario's recent return to 2D platforming on the Wii via New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Sonic, I accuse you of copy-catism.


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@Pixelman -nah, I don't think so. I mean, I am not sure but tbh gamers have been asking for a traditional sonic in years and Unleashed dissapointed so I guess that they finally decided to take matters.


I'm gonna be a little cautios untill more is revelleled on this game... I got a sinking feeling...

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Blaze wrote:

I'm guessing they really mean 2.5D, like Klonoa rather than strictly 2D like Wario, hope its 2D and also hope they don't screw up this time.

2.5D seems like the logical route, and that's likely what we'll see. But how cool would it be to see a completely hand-drawn, 2D Sonic game in HD? I think I'd cry.

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Let Dimps do a Wii version. They did the Advance and Rush games plus they did the day stages for Wii Unleashed, which were way more fun imo.

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Outrunner wrote:

Let Dimps do a Wii version. They did the Advance and Rush games plus they did the day stages for Wii Unleashed, which were way more fun imo.

Seconded, that'd be awesome.



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