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triforcepower73 wrote:

I never understood why Lindsey Sterling is so popular. She's a pretty good violinist and a great dancer, but when she does both, her violin-playing downgrades to decent. There are a TON of other violinists on youtube that play WAY better than her. Don't get the idea that I hate her. She's a good violinist, I'm just saying there are a lot better ones out there. As for her musical compositions, I'm not a big fan of dubstep anyway, but her stuff does sound cool.

They should just stick with Koji Kondo or Hajime Wakai and the other guys.

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Scollurio wrote:

TysonOfTime wrote:

I don't get how having an "pretty-good" musician making a song for a Zelda game will generate any more sales, let alone any more good songs.

Again, just let her do ONE song,
that way you can have a sticker on the game saying "featuring Lindsey Stirling Song XY" with a pic of her in Link-garb, smiling. So many people know her from youtube, it surely would raise overall Zelda popularity. I didn't mean let her do ALL songs.

Okay, I don't get that. Wouldn't the majority of her fans be Zelda fans already?

Here's an idea! She can raise popularity for the series by making remixes of the new songs.

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Scollurio wrote:

Trainer_DJ wrote:

I can understand the marketing part a little bit, but if Nintendo wants to go all out they should go with the hardcore professionals. Get the New York Phil or Chicago if they had infinite money to spare.

Sure I'm all for that, but let Lindsey do ONE song or an official Zelda ad on the TV or something. Because the younger crowd won't care for the philharmonics, but they will see "the cute girl from youtube".

Sounds like it would work better as viral marketing on Youtube.

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Whatever makes it work, I just meant her videos about Zelda are a way better ad for Nintendo than their own Wii U spots for example.

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Personally, I'd want to see the OC Remix people have a go at a soundtrack. I mean, didn't Capcom ask them to compose the music for one of their games a while back?

The people behind Zelda Reorchestrated or the Symphony of the Goddesses contests could be good choices too.

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