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Wasn't sure if I should have posted this in Wii U or Wii since it pertains to both, but felt that this was as good as any. I would hope that this would also eventually be applied to the 3DS.

YouTube Developing for Next-Gen Consoles

Company seeks to create a 'game console-based TV experience.'

April 17, 2012

Level 15
by Andrew Goldfarb

YouTube is developing a "TV experience" for next-generation consoles. In a job listing on Google Jobs, the company advertises that it's hiring a Game Console Software Engineer to develop "versions of YouTube to work with next generation game consoles."

The listing notes that the engineer will "build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with YouTube video content" and "integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms." It also specifically notes that candidates will need "deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii." YouTube already exists as an app for Xbox 360, so this position could be to expand the service onto the PS3 and Wii-U markets.

We've reached out to YouTube for comment, as well as Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft declined to comment.

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So it wont be on wii u..

Anywho I'm expecting it to get shown at e3 but have mo hope. The xbox app sucked as does the ios app.

Anyway expect it to be shown at e3.


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Expecting a PS3 app first, then a Nintendo one. Similar to Netflix.

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Thanks for sharing. If it really does happen, that would be awesome.

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Wii U StarFox in Dx11.Yes please.


If the ability to upload videos onto Youtube from the console is included then I'm sold, it would make gaming videos so much easier.

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Thats awesome! Im sure its going to happen for Wii U cuz of that feature that lets you send the video from the controller to the TV!

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I think YouTube will become multiplatform. PS3, Vita, and Wii U at the end of the year. (I doubt 3DS, and, as most of you should know, already on 360.)


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