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Good news. Youtube videos in the Wii U browser are working again. I guess the problem was on youtube's end since no system updates have been made since the problem occured about a week ago.



Yay! Thank you for the heads-up! Posting this on the GamePad while watching a Youtube vid on the TV :3

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Thank god. It's possibly the best reason to use the wii u web browser at all...


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Awesome! That was fixed quite quickly.



Fantastic! Good Youtube belongs on the Wii U!

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yeah about time its back but i noticed now the ads shows up while your watching the vid so you have to stop and click the X on the ad then continue =/

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i stopped playing mario kart now and moved on to luigis mansion :P

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Doesnt show on the tv.

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Thank you for the heads up. This is great news!



I was about to post this. Awesome really happy that's it back.



TysonQ7 wrote:


I just came to post that

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Sean_Aaron wrote:

I was really impressed with how slick watching video is on the Wii U browse. I might actually use it instead of my mac! Having the second screen for browsing or changing settings whilst video plays uninterrupted on the TV is quite brilliant.

I find it to be the best web browser on any video game system, period. Aside from the lack of the Adobe Flash Player, it acts just like a computer's web browser in every way possible. Very appreciated.

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It doesn't work well on my end. It just says the video is unavailable.

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I didn't know where else to post this, and I'm not sure if this was what was going on in the YouTube issue back then, as I wasn't watching all of that stuff, me not having a Wii U until Christmas.
But I was watching a video on the browser (from YouTube, of course), and it said "Video unavailable, try to reload the page?" I reloaded it, everything still in the frame the Browser would usually use for a playing video. An advertisement played, but there was no visual, only sound. I could tell it was a commercial by the 14-second time frame as well as knowing what my video was about, which didn't involve the toothpaste which was being talked about. The same exact visual, the frame for a normal video encompassing a black nothing in it. The video's audio played as usual, and when it was finished, all that was left from the GamePad was just the same frame, no sounds or anything. I held down the power button for a few seconds and it turned off, then I turned it back on. The Nintendo symbol that's always there when you start up the system was there... and then back to the frame. I tried the Home Button with no success, but the TV Control did. Then blaring noises came out of the Wii U after a few seconds, and it ceased a bit later. I ran upstairs with the GamePad and set it onto a table, still flashing it on and off and hoping that the connection would break. After a few tries, half of the screen went from the previous frame to a jumbled up mess of black and white. The connection broke and I brought the Wii U back downstairs to be next to the console. It worked again.
Is this typical for a messed up Wii U YouTube video? Or is the end of the world coming late?

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