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And expect rage! YouTube browser stop working and no plan for a fix

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TysonQ7 wrote:


This might be too obscure for me to ever see referenced ever again so thanks for that.

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ppl hate the youtube app infact ppl on miiverse are joining together to leave comments on their youtube feedback option to get there attention and maybe something done =/

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That idea about Miiverse, and complaining about Youtube sounds like a good idea... Besides some good posts, having mainly useless over asked questions, and all the good people, Miiverse is perfect for complaining. I can't wait to complain... Did anyone's account activate from the youtube activate site? I 'activated' mine 2 weeks ago, and it didn't appear on screen shortly like it said it would.


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This is really disappointing! I have left some feedback on the Youtube HTML5 trial page! I encourage everyone to do the same!

Update: If the page ever stops loading! Why do they break youtube via the Wii browser...does Nintendo pay Google for the app maybe?

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