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Sometimes nostalgia can cloud our view of how great s game truly was. But why is this? Why are our feelings for certain games so strong, while not for others. I argue that it's the memories attached to those specific games. Whether general, such as "Me and my friends had fun with it" or something more specific, it's the connections we still have to these emotions that tie us so closely to the game world we were in while we experienced them. Here are my top 5:

4- Final Fantasy 3 (6) for Super Nintendo

My friend and I, at the time, had never played an RPG, nor heard the term. We were deeply in love with Link to the Past & Soul Blazer, calling these "adventure games" & had never experienced menu-based combat.

While having trouble with a part in Zelda, we phoned in the help of local asian Jerry (sorry, not being racist, just funny. He always claimed asians were better at video games than us whiteys, and simply put, he was. When the neighborhood was stuck in a game, you called Jerry & he fixed it for you).

He fixed my Zelda @roblem in a jiff and started playing Final Fantasy 3. My friend and I watched in awe as he walked around town, talking to residents & buying items. We thought this might be the coolest game we'd ever seen. Til he left the town. We laughed as hard as we could at a game that had menu to fight, but Jerry left the game at my house when he left and told me "Trust me. Just play it."

Later that night, I literally forced myself to try it, and within an hour, I was so absorbed in this world, I can't even explain it to you. I was in love. So in love, that in school the next day I couldn't pay attention because I kept thinking about the game. I actually faked being sick and left because I simply could not wait to find out next what happened in this story. i faked sick 4 days straight and my friend came over everyday when the bell rang to play it with me. While I would later do this again with ff2 (i missed a lot of school, lol) it's my 4 days of staying home from school to play FF3 that i look back on fondly.

3 Goldeneye for Nintendo64

Group gaming sessions were the norm in my childhood. We had a LOT of kids in my neighborhood, and I was friends with most of them. But, like any large group, we were broken up into our little cliques and alliances. Some were enemies with each other. So, my video gaming group was probably about 7-8 of us tops.

But, then Goldeneye came out. Goldeneye, in that day, to us atleast, was the first time I remember a game being "sexy". It was sleek, cool & dangerous, whereas my gaming history to that point had felt like "something that was really cool to the nerd crowd, but cool people wouldn't understand".

Well, we spent every day of a whole summer playing Goldeneye 4 way deathmatch, and I remember one specific day, the AC was broke and we were all sweating like crazy. Kids that weren't part of our group or clique wanted to play, so our normal group of 7 or 8 was doubled and the house was so crowded my granddad had ro shuffle my friends in and out in small groups because the house was too crowded. Then my older cousin from across town came over with his friends, which he NEVER did, and it was just an absolute hot, sweaty sh*tshow, and I loved every second of it & will never forget it.

2- Link's Awakening for Gameboy

Growing up, I was the one with every Super Nintendo tape whereas my friend's family didn't have enough money for consoles, so he had just a gameboy with a few games.

I never got into the Gameboy, but when he called me to tell me he just got a Zelda game for it, I didn't know what to think. How could a giant Zelda game be on that crappy little thing? I thought it was maybe just some little side game, but I decided to check it out.

Well, we all know how spectacular Link's Awakening was, so we know how this story ended. We had a "We can't play it unless we're both around" policy for this game, and I have many memories over the course of the Summer of us huddled around this tiny little Gameboy screen. And we loved it every bit as much as any console Zelda.

What makes this one so special is that after this summer he moved away and we grew apart, so Link's Awakening (as well as Yoshi's Island that summer) were kind of like the Last Stand in the end of a 9 year friendship.

1 Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This one's fairly short, but it takes the cake. This is the same cousin as the Goldeneye story. He was older than me and off doing his own thing. There were lots of stories he was off doing the wrong things, which he was.

I was a very sheltered kid, but I remember watching this documentary on tv about people who were doing what he was doing, and it scared the hell out of me. I remember having this sense of danger that at any time he could be hurt, or hurt himself.

He came over for a quick visit, planning to leave within a few minutes. I remember having this sense of "saving him" by trying to keep him in the house. Remembering he liked Link to the Past back in our younger, simpler times, I told him I had just got the new Zelda game and had just started it.

He said he could only check it for a few minutes but ended up staying and playing with me for hours. We had an absolute blast. And while he still ended up leaving at about midnight to go meet his friends, I remember feeling content that I had saved him from the trouble he would've gotten in if he went out.

These are some of my most treasured gaming memories, and I'd be willing to bet some of you guys have some good ones, too.



I'm ranking them the how memorable and how much impact they had in my gaming life
1) Kirby 64 - it was christmas and I always wanted a videogame I got my N64 with kirby in it!
2)Pokemon Emerald AND XD - I was going to transfer my first shiny pokemon to XD because my GBA had started to fail, it failed during the transfer and corrupted my save...
3)Yoshi Story - I was so noob that my first game wasn't the first one I had finished, the first game I completed was Yoshi Story and since I was a kid I must admit I cried.....
4)Pokemon Puzzle League I went to "hardcore mode"(me not the game) for the first time after a while my hands started moving almost by themselves, I beat the super hard mode and got the title of "fastest gaming fingers" in school(5th grade)
5)the Legend of Zelda Minish Cap it was my first zelda game I loved it and Ezlo was awesome too(really, the first zelda is important and deep for almost everyone)

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This sort of topic really belongs in the Retro section, not Wii U.



willobee wrote:

This sort of topic really belongs in the Retro section, not Wii U.

I think it should be in general discussion as some people have recent memories about games(I never notice the section since I only look in the all topics page)

goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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Mines definitely a retro list.

1. Space Invaders - Atari VCS - Where it all started. My sister called me a freak because I could beat the game about 8 times (it reset after 10k points) whilst she could only get to the 2nd screen.
2. Super Mario Bros - Arcade - Everyone wanted to play this, I even turned away a girl so I could go and play Mario.
3. Paradroid - C64 - One of the first games that had me up playing all night. It was a pure gameplay experience and I still love it today.
4. Daley Thompson's Decathalon - C64 - The game that broke 100 joysticks and several arms too. I remember my buddy's Quickshot handle breaking off in his hand during the 1500 metres and he tried finishing the race by wiggling the plastic stump that was left.
5. Goldeneye - N64 - I spent hours completing every level on 007 and spent even more hours on the multiplayer.



man... i've played SO many great games... zelda, pokemon, mario kart, warcraft 3, diablo 2, starcraft, smash bros., kirby, donkey kong, street fighter, tomb raider, gothic, thief, prince of persia, baldur's gate, the settlers 2, heroes of might & magic, c&c, simcity, battle realms, banjo-kazooie, jet force gemini, 007 goldeneye, fighter's destiny, DotA, LoL, Uther Party, Footmen Frenzy, perfect world, 12sky(+2), runes of magic, pacman, bomberman, crash bandicoot, worms, tetris, and SO many others.....
i enjoyed them all and they all made for some great memories!

so top 5 is obviously very hard, but i guess i had to go with my 5 favorite games...

1) Zelda: OoT (i can''t describe how much fun it was playing this game with my brother..)
2) Pokemon Red (playing this as a child with my brother and friends... amazing!)
3) Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (met so many people... played it for SO long, loved the eSports scene, participated in leagues+tournaments, was in amazing clans with amazing people... competitive RTS.. the greatest computer game of all time, i loved it and still do!)
4) Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (Diablo 3 is such a bad game, but d2... was perfect, an amazing game + best assa on eu! i had so much fun as a child.... playing this in a dark room when everyone else was asleep... scary ^^)
5) Starcraft: Broodwar (starcraft... what else is there to say, it was great!)



Hmmm, where do I start... I'm gunna have to think about this! Back soon (Though I can already tell you the final boss fight in Yoshi's Island will be on it somewhere!)

It's Wario time Yaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!


I'm too lazy to do a top 5..but I'll do one

One of my favorite memories is just finally buying my Wii U and having like 6 friends over and creating Miis, playing Nintendo Land, and going for a diamond cup in Rayman Legends (we did it too! We put a crappy video on YouTube), with pizza, guitars, a loud stereo, etc. It was just nice to play video games with a bunch of my friends in one room for once, and that's something that we almost never did. Ever since then, my friends and I go to each other's houses to play video games because we just don't get the same connection and fun when playing online.

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I have fond memories of the C64 Outrun, Paperboy, Bubble Bobble, Bubble Dizzy, Dizzy adventures etc, in fact i would love to see remakes of Paperboy & especially Bubble Bobble i loved that game.



I'll do the one that sticks out most I used to love taking the nes to my grandparents house and playing Mario with everyone it's good because that game brought us all together but it's all so a fond memory since my grandmother is all by herself and really lonely now and my grandpa is in a nursing home and I just like to remember the good times we shared.


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You must be... mid 30's?


Wow, Bubble Bobble. Totally forgot that one. Have lots of memories playing that with my cousin in the "simple days"



1: watching my father play NES for me and my brother. This was before I tried playing, so games were still instantly magical. Mario bros. 3 is the game I remember watching most
2: opening my gamecube and gba on Christmas Day. Now these were two different years. The year I got my gameboy was completely unexpected. My mom didn't like video games very much, and wasn't to happy to see two gba's being opened up. The next year I opened my gamecube, and didn't realize we needed a memory card. That didn't stop us, as we spent the rest of the day playing smash bros melee.
3: buying and playing Pokemon sapphire. This was my first Pokemon game, an played it a ton. I remember my mom telling me and my brother to play outside, so we just took our game it's out.
4: beating crash bandicoot 2. I was the first in my household (according to my father, who I'm pretty sure had already beaten it) to beat the game. As a 7 year old kid, that was huge for me.
5: getting rayman origins and spending the summer playing it with my siblings.

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In no particular order:

Metroid (NES)
Soul Calibur (Dreamcast)
Sonic Adventure 2
Mario Kart 64
Dragon Ball Final Bout (PSX)

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Really confused as to why this is in the Wii U section...

Anyways, in no order:

  • Metal Gear Solid - Defeating Gray Fox, which is still one of the weirdest, yet most satisfying boss fights ever.
  • Final Fantasy XI - Decided for no particular reason to stealth my way all the way to Jueno and back at level 14, and being congradulated by a bunch of Level 50's.
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Beating the Lagiacrus on my first try, after having used the last of my health items.
  • Metroid Prime - ALL OF IT!!!
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - Selling the game for $2, and still feeling like I got the better end of the deal.

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Opening my Nintendo 64 on Christmas.
Metal Gear Solid - Getting killed about a minute into the game. Stealth was a completely new gameplay style to me at the time, but now it is my preferred method of play.
Seeing the Playstation 2 in action for the first time at an import store.
Playing my first online game, Chu Chu Rocket, on the Dreamcast.
Opening up my 3DS and playing Mario Kart 7 for the first time.

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