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I love the console, however I'm not loving it crashing quite alot lately. Been playing skylanders recently it crashes all the time. Hopefully a patch can sort it out.
I own Nintendo land which I love and Want to unlock everything. Zombiu is fantastic and nearly completed it, sonic racing is good but something about it bug me, and I'm not sure what. It's probably the frame rate. Skylanders giants is the best version I just hope they sort the crashing.
Miiverse is excellent, netflix is constantly used, I browse the internet on the gamepad more than my laptop as it's one of the best browsers ever. And I own a nearly 800 pound laptop.
The Wii U is not perfect, overpriced games could ruin it in the UK, £55 for a game is ridiculous and most of the 3rd party games are double yhe price of Xbox and ps3.
And poor ports with bad frame rate is unacceptable really.
Hopefully things wiill get better in the next few months

Actually, that's the same price for new releases on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Also, these are HD games.

Not it Europe it's not. Only in the US is that the case. NOE needs to do a better job in that regard.

In terms of my impressions, I'm liking it more than I thought I would. I like the games on it, but my favorite thing about it is the off-TV play. Being able to play real console games without the TV is a godscend when other people exist in the home. Once I'm done with the stuff I've got, I plan on getting Assassin's Creed 3 on Wii U, simply for that reason.

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I was really surprised on how good the console is a whole.
The internet is incredibly quick(quicker than my laptop),the Mii Verse is addicting,the ability to play full games on the Pad without using the TV.

The only downside is the bad battery life,I really want to get a Pro controller,so I can save the battery life a bit.

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I have to say I think MiiVerse is interesting, kinda like forums inn a way, except that topics/posts, considering the set-up they're siimilar in that way, don't move to the top as such which which imo woulda been nice. Though it takesa bit to load the next set of posts. WaraWara Plaza iskinda cool, an OK addition while not perfect, but.... I think the eShop confuses me slightly because I was expecting similar/closer to the 3DS eShop, and usually if I know what i want I can search it, which I also see they've added a lot more filters, which again could make it harder to find things unless there's just really nothing available yet. So yeah, not realy too much a fan of that layout. Other than that, just waiting for some better games to come I know I'll play. I mean I have NintendoLand and New Super Mario bros U, but who hasn't played SMB before, right?

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it's a good console so far, the only really bad thing I can say is that the gamepad's battery life is lame, but I rarely play for a massive amount of time nowadays. NSMBU is awesome and miiverse is cool though, and Nintendo Land seems great too, but I wanna play Mario Chase as my first attraction

so far I give the Wii U an 8 out of 10, maybe an 8.5, as well. it just needs more games announced and some problems fixed, that's all

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I like the U, it is fun, I use it for almost everything. There ya go.

Here is a new petition to get Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence on the Wii U!!!


So far I've really enjoyed my WiiU. I have Mass Effect 3, ZombiU, and Nintendo Land. great titles so far, really enjoyed all three for different reasons. Not a lot more right now for me to pick up, but I missed out on the Wii era. This console has given me the opportunity to explore it by way of backwards compatibility and it's been a blast so far. The Wii had some complaints, but I'm enjoying some solid Wii titles until some new titles like Pikmin 3 comes out. For me this console is fantastic. it's the first console I've bought at launch I've enjoyed so much. even my 3ds sat around collecting dust for a while. by the way that 3ds is primed for an amazing 2013

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It's pretty cool.

I don't have any opinion beyond that so far.

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It's very cool. It's mostly chronic complainers that go online and talk about it. The rest are just, you know, playing games.



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I wish I had waited a year before buying to let the game library build up a bit more...and for the software kinks to be ironed out. I've completed Mario 100% and have tired of Nintendo Land. I'm mostly using the console for Netflix and YouTube right now. I am happy with the games I've played so far and think the potential for this system to be great is high... the waiting just sucks. Games trickled out for the wii throughout its entire lifespan and now we have to start all over again with the wii u.

As for the hardware itself - the slow speed of the OS, the lock ups/freezes and the clunkiness moving from app to app is really disappointing. I never thought Nintendo would become a "release it now and fix it later" company...but it's just the way everything is now I guess. The poor gamepad battery is really starting to get annoying too... just watching a video on netflix while the gamepad sits idle kills the battery quickly for me...maybe I got a dud?

To end on some positive notes I think Miiverse is great. I thought it would get old fast but it really hasn't. I could look at artwork on there all day. And the eshop only releases like Nano Assault and Might Switch Force have been really impressive... better than most retail releases for the wii.


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I think the Wii U suffers from the same problems that every console does when it launches in that it has to establish its library. The lack of eShop updates and VC have been a bit disappointing for me, but I feel that these are all teething problems.

Undoubtedly the console has enormous potential, and once things get going there's going to be some amazing entertainment on offer. The 3DS was the same when it launched, but now has some incredible games. The Wii U just needs a little time.


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Kezins wrote:

I like it so far. My biggest complaint is the pitiful battery life on the GadmePad. I get 3 hours or sometimes less out of a charge.



does anyone know why i cant get a second controler to play multi player mario with the game pad?



I'm really enjoying it, and have played a decent number of games so far. The streaming of games for off-TV play is probably my favorite feature so far, with the TV remote functionality being a close second (yes, the TV remote functionality from the GamePad = winning).

I have enjoyed Miiverse a lot more than I thought I would, and really like the drawing aspect they included with it. Drawing out solutions/puzzles in Trine 2 to help (or get help) has been a lot of fun.

I noticed you said you have Nintendo Land and NSMBU, do you have any other Wii U games, or some that you are interested in, but just not sure about? (I beat NSMBU today, and it is behind NSMBW for me, so I get what you're saying about it being more multiplayer focused, but even that seems a little off with some of the boss battles. If you skipped NSMBW, I would suggest looking for that one for cheap, and grabbing a Wii Remote to give it a try eventually, if you like the NSMB games style.)

The games I have that I might be able to help give some opinions on are:
Black Ops 2
Rabbids LAND
Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing
Trine 2
(I also have Nintendo Land and NSMBU, but you have those already.)

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I've learned that I'm never buying a console at launch again. The exclusive games are pretty fun but they're few and far between.

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shab75 wrote:

does anyone know why i cant get a second controler to play multi player mario with the game pad?

Are you talking about a 2nd Wii Remote? Meaning, you can't get a 2nd Wii Remote to connect to the Wii U to play NSMBU: one player using the GamePad, one player using the Wii Remote?

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yeah you can only play multiplayer with wiimotes. gamepad for single player or boost mode only.

put it on.


Love it. So far, the games I have all shine in multiplayer (Nintendo Land, Sonic Racing, Mario) other than Zombi U. But I have already put so much time into the thing that it definitely was worth the purchase.

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