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mariofanatic128 wrote:

It was released in Europe but not America.

it must be still available to buy on amazon. i couldn't find it in HMV, game.



I want Zelda. No Zelda, no sale. When Zelda comes out then I will buy it. So it's a given that I'm not buying on launch. (I said the same thing about the 3DS, though.)

After that, I'm not sure. Fire Emblem and a new Mario would make me very happy, and Mario is a given. I've always wanted to see a remake of Kirby Air Ride with online play, and obviously a new Mother game. But who am I kidding.... those two will never happen.

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I only have one game to add, and I cannot stress enough the ferocity of the fanboy heart attack I'd have if it were announced.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

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LordTendoboy wrote:

RYBlast wrote:

They should put those Mii tech demo games and put them into one game that would be packaged with the console. I can see it attracting casuals quite well, and it seems fun. :3

Kind of like Wii Play and Wii Sports? Those were basically tech demos that were packaged in a retail game.

Yes, and both are very fun games. Well, at least Wii Sports is.


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I would like 2 add:
Battalion Wars - I would love that game with the wii u possibilities
Billy Hatcher and the Giant freaking Egg

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Apart from the usual blarmy of Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda, I'd really like to see:

  • A new Final Fantasy game. (Something along the successful lines of FFXIII. Preferably with an awesome online multiplayer mode. )
  • A new Fire Emblem game.
  • A new Elder Scrolls game succeeding Skyrim. (Yes, this is very hopeful, but it'd be awesome. )
  • A new Monster Hunter game. (Totally yes. I'd love if it also came with expanded multiplayer. )
  • A new F-Zero game. (I'd love to try the series.)
  • A totally new IP on Wii U.

A few new IP concepts I'd love to see:

  • An MMO sim game, Mii-themed, where you live in a virtual sim world, and can customise your Mii, house, interact with others, go out and all that jazz. It could have a certain place to create themed lobbies for certain groups. Like how the Communities work for MK7, with groups.
  • A game concept where there's a compilation of mini-games designed specifically for the Wii U tablet, within a bigger sort of exploration game on the main TV screen. No, not WarioWare style, and no, not Mii style.

Yeah, this'd be a dream within a dream within a dream, if this all happened.



GameLord08 wrote:

  • A new Final Fantasy game. (Something along the successful lines of FFXIII. Preferably with an awesome online multiplayer mode. )


Wait, you weren't joking?

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You havn't seen BAD BOYS 2 ???!!


Boktai 1-3 HD collection/Lunar Knights 2
(On second thought, those would go better on 3ds)

For Wii U, I'd like to see a more "violent" pokemon (Read Pokemon Adventures the manga and you will understand)

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Wii U
Star Fox, Mario Platform, Smash Bros, Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda,Pokemon,Donkey Kong Country Return 2, Mario Kart, Pikimin 3, 2d mario, 2d zelda

Wii U ware
Runner 2, World of Goo 2, Sonic.

Wii U VC
Zelda WW, Earthbound, Metal Slug 3-6, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing, Star Fox Adventures, Mario Party 3-7, FZero, Smash Bros Melee, Paper Mario TYD, Mario Kart DD, Warioland, 1st party unreleased titles ( yeah right ) and many imports.

Ps more than 3/4 of these titles wont come out of course! Thats would be crazy!!

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@SunnySnivy So I'm not the only one who wants online kirby air ride:)

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Wiiner1 wrote:

@SunnySnivy So I'm not the only one who wants online kirby air ride:)

Count me in!


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Fire Emblem
Runner 2
Rez HD
Child of Eden
The New Orange Box
Pikmin 3

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Oh, yeah, I think I'd like to add a few more to my previous list.

  • A new Animal Crossing game. (This is bound to happen. There's always one on every new console. DS, Wii, 3DS...)
  • A new Pokémon game. (Not that Rumble Blast blarmy, preferably like Crystal or Black/White. Just even better, if possible. )
  • A new card-dueling game, with online multiplayer. (Hopefully utilising NFC. Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering aren't bad choices.)
  • An expanded FPS shooter. (Preferably with an online mode relevantly similar to Team Fortress 2.)
  • Some awesome game from Valve.

Other stuff:

  • The ability to download GCN games from the online store. (Which I'm still gunning for to be called the uStore, for some reason. )
  • If the above happens, hopefully Kirby Air Ride, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and the original Animal Crossing will be part of the software library.

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A Star Wars game that covers every movie(Episode 1 to 6) and with the actual character models,no more legos and no more clone wars games please Lucas or whoever does the games.

A Pokemon game like the Gamecube games,except you can capture pokemon outside of being only "dark pokemon",speaking of pokemon,i would like a Pokemon Stadium like the N64 games,with updated graphics and pokemon from all the various generations.

A Kingdom Hearts 1,2 and Birth By Sleep port.

and the obligatory Call of Zelda Modern Hyrule,the sequel to Link's Crossbow Training.

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Pikmin 3
New Super Mario Bros. Mii
Super Smash Bros. Wii U
Some sort of Pilotwings(think about the remote)
Some sort of action racer
MK Wii U coming out in less than 6 months
Wii U eShop, in which case some classic games and a few GCN games would be nice, maybe even some N64 games and some classic SEGA, Mario, Link, and Pac-Man(sorta lame to make an all out video game for the original pac-man nowadays),and one or two huge 3DS eShop hits
Some sort of Animal Crossing that can be interactive with Animal Crossiing 3DS, but I'd give it until at least 6 months after launch, 3DS Animal Crossing would have practically JUST come out.
Some sort of action shooter- a new Star Fox would be great
A casual Wii U Sports, possibly bundled with the system, then again, Wii Sports is like the best selling video game of all time, they might just sell it
Finally, a minigame game. Mario Party 10 or 11(they might make one for 3DS), Wii U Party, or some new minigame or party game. If they made a Wii U party that would be great. Here is the perfect line-up, and with a few third party games, it'll be the best line up EVVER!!!!

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That would be a very big list... some sequals, some HD ports and some 3rd party games would be awesome, but here is my dream list:
1080 Wii U
Wave Race Wii U
Eternal Darkness 2
Super Smash bros. Wii U
No More Heroes 3
New Super Mario Bros. Mii
Pikmin 3
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition
super mario galaxy 1,2 HD collection
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword & The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD collection
Star fox Adventures & Srar Fox Assault HD collection
Metroid Prime trilogy HD collection
Metal gear solid HD collection



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