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if you could choose your ideal games to be released for the wii U, what would they be?

mines would be:
super mario mii
legend of zelda based on that E3 tech demo this year
pikmin 3
sin and punishment 3
star fox
smash bros.
fire emblem
assassins creed
streetfighter x tekken
tekken wii U
soul caliber
virtua fighter 5: final showdown
king of fighters 13
anarchy reigns
sonic game

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As long as there's a first party title, then I'm happy.

So obviously I'll be happy no matter what. xD

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Launch titles or games in general?


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either is good.

Launch title ideas is a good topic and games in general is a good topic too because I hate the "hey wouldn't it be cool if (insert completely random game here) was on (insert new Nintendo system here)?" topics.

But for launch titles, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden and Arkham City to immediately make it relevent to the "hardcore gamers". Free Wii U Sports game (I'm expecting something closer to just having last year's E3 demos as the Wii U equivalent of Wii Sports). A moderately big Nintendo sequel and a published by Nintendo new game. A new Super Monkey Ball that actually lives up to the excellent original 2 games. And some other games. Probably Ubisoft. Doesn't matter what at that point.

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Sonic Adventure 3
SoulCalibur (VC)
Power Stone HD Collection
Max Payne: The Adventures of Captain Baseball Bat Boy
Jet Set Radio Forever
Dead or Alive: Still too Hot for Australia my pants.


Off the Top of my head

Runner 2
Golden Sun (give it to monolith)
1080 snowboarding
Billy Hatcher and the Giant egg (give it to prope)
New Ip from Hal
Fire Emblem


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Super Street Fighter V Ultra Megaman Ace Attorney Special Arcade Edition Turbo' G
Monster Hunter 4 somethin
Pokemon RPG
All of the other obligatory first party titles
Battlefield 3
And a sequel to radiant dawn. Where exactly did Ike go?

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  • Mii Arena (with Chase Mii and Battle Mii included)
  • Musical Shield Pose


  • New Super Mario Bros. Mii (with a huge level editor that you can string into your own custom worlds)
  • Either Timesplitters 4 or Timesplitters Fusion (TS2 & FP combined into one game in HD)
  • Pikmin 3
  • A new F-Zero
  • A new Warioware
  • Wii U Sports (comes with the system)
  • Wii U Play
  • Wii U Fit


  • Chu Chu Rocket
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
  • Galaga Legions DX (then have all of the other Namco Generations titles on there within the first 6 months to catch up)
  • Marvel Pinball
  • Sonic 4 Episode 2 (if it doesn't come to Wiiware)
  • Runner 2

Everything that's ever been made by every game company in existence.

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Pikmin 3
Mother 4 (Earthbound 2)
Super Mario "U"niverse (ugh... lame title but I know they'll probably do it)
A new Zelda
Metroid Prime 4
Timesplitters 4
A new Chibi-Robo
Star Fox
A new Panzer Dragoon game (though I wish for that on any new console even though it will never happen, nor will probably anything listed above except Pikmin 3)

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New Mario
New Zelda
New Animal Crossing
New Pikmin
New Metroid...

Yeah, basically I just like the Nintendo IPs. I also hope for Wii U that they establish some new ones.

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Star Fox
Kid Icarus
Mario (duh)
Zelda (duh)
Metroid (I'd like this game to make good use of the system's power, visually)
Fire Emblem (tablet controller would be useful for this)
and the game I desire the most...
Mario and Luigi RPG (just imagine how awesome a console version of this game would be!)

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zezzy wrote:


That game is so 2009. I'd much rather have new games rather than 3 year old games, personally. I hear that zezzy game that is rumored to be coming out for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles next year is supposed to be pretty good. I'd like to see that make it to the Wii U launch.

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