Topic: SOLVED :-) Some videos on You Tube not available after update ?

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I've been using the wii u browser because it was awesome compared to the app. Now I get Sorry, the video is not available on this device !!!!

This applies to some videos only. (I initially thought it was the whole lot). Any setting to fix this ?


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Having same issues now... Videos did play before... Now none seem to play.

Sean (erasure242)


Additional info... You can watch embedded videos... but videos on the youtube site do not play for some reason... Anybody else have these issues?

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Sean (erasure242)


I read somewhere that the browser allows for changing the agent signature or something like that, and setting it to Internet Explorer fixes the problem


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Yep... Settings, set user agent, change to internet explorer... this works. a guy on miiverse found solution.

Sean (erasure242)


Awesome, it works Thanks a lot.



Could You Go Step By Step? Im Having Trouble



marioreport wrote:

Yep... Settings, set user agent, change to internet explorer... this works. a guy on miiverse found solution.

I tried this and it didn't work. It still did the same thing..

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If you set it to Android it works..... but you probably wouldn't want to use the Android browser on the Wii U.

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Now not even Internet Explorer works and I have to use Android. Seriously, what the heck Nintendo!?

EDIT: Nevermind, I think there was just a weird hiccup or something.

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i'm on the 3Ds browser on the wii u and the videos play! but not on the real 3DS browser though!

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The Regular Wii U Version Works For Me!



How the heck are you guys changing the browser on the Wii U? How do you guys know about this?

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