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@BlackFira yeah I know what you mean I'm paying a mortgage on a house and supporting a child but I always seem to find a way to make my gaming a big part of the grand schemola of things



MadAussieBloke wrote:

@BlackFira yeah I know what you mean I'm paying a mortgage on a house and supporting a child but I always seem to find a way to make my gaming a big part of the grand schemola of things

wow when you put it like that, it is pretty impressive on what you manage to save for your self on top of what you mention, kudos to you or however they say it



Depends on this E3.

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I'm going for a Black WiiU :3



Depends on the games shown at E3. At the moment I'm around 60/40 against buying Wii U at launch, but if there are some great games shown at E3 then I may be persuaded to buy one at launch. Oh, and I'm definitely getting a black Wii U if its available. :3 I hate that stupid yelllowy discolouring on my Wii. D:

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After that I may

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Getting some money soon, so will save that for when the Wii U hits.


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Vintage wrote:

Getting some money soon, so will save that for when the Wii U hits.

Starting next month, I'm transferring half of my checking into savings lol



If it comes out before November 22 of this year than it will (probably) be my only gift for my birthday! If not there is always Christmas 2013.

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Depends on the price I have about $326 in Gamestop credit if I can get it for $400 or less I'll consider it.

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I'll wait until it's $200. Might even get it without the stupid tablet controller if I have to.

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Ofcourse I am going to buy it, the rest of you who are saying they are not are full of crap thus lying to us, very evil


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I dont really know, i hope the library of games is better in the wii u, i didnt like most of the video games on wii. But well 3DS is really cool, i just bought it because of KH 3D, but im really lovng the games of it (KI:U, SM 3Dland, SMK). But i got really interested on it because of the nintendo direct of yesterday, i really love that miiverse and that we can see the people that are playing the game.
For me is 50% chance, hope E3 shows some really awesome games

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Yes. It's a Nintendo system.

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Im gonna buy it because I excited to see when Nintendo is planning to do it terms of expanding their online multiplayer. I'll be honest I hate how Niintendo Online Mulitplayer sucks compared to the other consoles. Hopefully the Wii U will change this and we will have an online experience that can compete with the other consoles.

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If the games look great, absolutely.



Hopefully a black Wii U on the release.. Don't care about the price.. I'm really excited about it ^^



I'll be the first to buy it at my GameStop.

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maybe maybe not idk if it got the good games (hopefully xenoblade 2 )



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