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Will i buy it? Yes.
Will i buy it day one? I don't know.

I would if i could afford it..i'm getting a job but it's my first year, i want to get my own computer and stuff. Of course, i'll se when it comes out. I want to buy it day one.

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Mandoble wrote:

skywake wrote:

I can't say I'm that excited for this "everything else" that the Wii U will be missing by not being 4x more powerful than the HD consoles.

Which basically means you dont miss anything that you can play on PCs but not on current consoles, and perhaps not even on next generation ones. Fine for you, but not everybody else shares that point of view about future gaming. BTW, do you really believe that more power translates only on better graphics?? This might be true only for pretty simplistic and fully scripted games, that is 90% of current games for today's consoles because they are not able to do much more than that.

Ignoring KB+Mouse for RTS games? Pretty much.... except not that second bit. I know there's more you can gain from higher powered consoles then just better graphics. This everything else is presumably cooler effects, more realistic models, larger environment, more players, better AI and better physics and I can't say I'm that excited for it.

At this stage I don't think a "real" gamer could put up with having just a Wii and getting heavily watered down PS3/360 ports. However if the PS4/720 come in 2015 and the Wii U (and maybe PS3/360) sits around 'till 2017 getting a steady stream of watered down PS4/720/PC ports then I can't say I would be that compelled to buy a PS4/720. Maybe they'll show something next year that convinces me otherwise but ATM I really don't see anything that would make me fork out more cash if it's just more power.

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And that's the thing, how much 'better' are games going to look after the WiiU/PS4/XBOX 720 generation?
Graphically speaking, i'd personally like to see better animation in enemies for realistic titles such as Resident Evil for example.....I mean hell, even in Resident Evil 5 AND the upcomming RE6, zombie/majini animations still look artificial....developers need to up their game and increase human characteristics and extra manerisms instead of the limmited supply of movements which always seems to be the case.....You can throw down as much amazing realistic detail and whatever as you want on a character model, but if games still continue with the same types of limmited animations and what have you it's not going to be as impressive.

I'd also like to see real time damage effects, as in different types of realistic bullet holes in zombies instead of a bit of blood spraying out that dissapears in mid air while there's zero damage to be seen after that(Unless you blow off an arm or hea for ex)....Now If i were to blast a zombie in the tummy with a shot gun, there's should be a big hole with guts and blood dripping/splashing down continuesly....Instead we don't even get a hole or blood tattered clothes for ex in Resident Evil 5(6 looks like it's continueing the trend!) I still never see any of this type of stuff in gaming.

I guess you could say I'm more interested in human-like physics, more variety in enemie animations and better interaction with their surroundings for types of games ike Resident Evil and Silent Hill ect ect. the in-game enemie physics/animations were no different in RE5 than they were in RE4 outside maybe a couple of boss battles.



I wish I could buy the Wii U. I can't even afford the current Wii. All I have right now are a bunch of old NES games.
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None of the games shown at E3 really make the system a day-1 purchase for me. Pikmin 3 is awesome. However, I don't really need another mini game collection (NintendoLand), WiiFit is basically just a scale at this point. I can do better calorie tracking on my iPhone, which is more convenient anyways, and it's not that great a workout program. I still haven't played NSMBWii, and I can always get my 2D Mario fix with NSMB2 on 3DS, so I'm in no rush for NSMBU. With no teasers for post-launch must haves, I'm afraid that one game is not enough.

The rest of the games, except for ZombiU can all be played on Playstation 3, and it's not like I can't rustle up another good Zombie game.

With smart glass on Xbox allowing you to do everything the WiiU tablet can do with the tablet you already own - this system is going to have to be cheap to be competitive. Sony's also making Vita compatible with PS3 games and expanding into the mobile sector. I imagine it won't be long before they have "smart glass" functionality with Android tablets. WiiU's will be a smoother experience, since the hardware is designed to work together, but the WiiU tablet is limited to the WiiU.

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Besides Pikmin 3 there was nothing on show today that made me want to get a WiiU. One game is not enough. i'm sure for the people that only own a Wii then the Third party stuff may have some appeal, but most of those are games I can play right now on ma 360. I've no interest in NSMB games,fitness/dancing games or mini games so I really can't justify buying one at launch. Now if they would have shown F-Zero, WaveRace, 1080° or Starfox then I'd have been on it like a car bonnet but no sale at the moment for me.

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Absolutely after the presentation. There are 5 games I already want for the system.

I really want to get my hands on the system and try out Nintendo Land. Looks like they are really pushing local play like they did with Wii and the good ol' days of N64 and Gamecube- something lots of people take for granted.



Yes I will. Despite the fact that e3 was terrible, the Wii U will still have one of the best launch line ups I've ever seen. Nintendo just presented it awfully.



At this rate, no way. All the interesting games are ones I can already play on PS3.


Miss_Rarity wrote:

Getting Mario at Launch (if I have enough money). I don't know when Pikmin is out. If I can I will get a Pro controller too.

Launch Window it says. So, probably a month after. Pikmin came out a month after Gamecube was released I believe. Sounds like it'll be a similar case.



Pikmin 3 isn't selling me... I'm waiting till the end of e3 to make my decision.


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Yeah, I will be buying a Wii U but I am less excited now than I was yesterday. I don't care about Pikmin and another Super Mario Bros? yawn... I hope to see something more my flavor soon.

The dancing and singing game are just ridiculous. If I wanted to do that shiz, I would go to the club or a Karaoke bar.

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I'm going to wait until the end of e3 to answer. They could still announce better things. And if nothing else, I'm sure they'll announce better games throughout this year, and especially next year's e3.

Just let it happen.

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WaveBoy wrote:

I guess you could say I'm more interested in human-like physics, more variety in enemy animations and better interaction with their surroundings for types of games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill etc etc. the in-game enemy physics/animations were no different in RE5 than they were in RE4 outside maybe a couple of boss battles.

Miss_Rarity wrote:

Animation has always been something I wanted to see improved. Make things not look like it has a pattern.

Maybe you two will get your animation wish with Resident Evil 7 if Capcom uses full integration of Natural Motion’s Euphoria Character Behavior system for lifelike movement the same way Max Payne 3 does. my pants.


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