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The_Fox wrote:

I'm interested as long as it's not easy to the point of boring like KEY was.

This x100. Considering the fact that you couldn't die, I stopped caring after a while about falling in pits or getting hit by an enemy and just raced towards the end. At least have the ability to die or have to go back to a certain point or something. Epic Yarn just got boring towards the end. Loved the rest of it though.



This and "X" make me happy.

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Yoshi is one of my most loved Nintendo characters. Pretty happy about this, even if it is yarn...


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DestinyMan wrote:

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

So when you consume an enemy, you turn 3D?

Apparently so, but that could also be health-related.

Notice how those purple jewels are exactly like the jewels from Kirby's Epic Yarn?

Further reason why I believe there some connection to Kirby's Epic Yarn in all of this.
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Bankai wrote:

Aside from the Fire Emblem reveal, this was my highlight of the show. I love Yoshi - my favourite Nintendo character, and one second of footage showed more charm than any other game I've seen in the past year.

Hopefully theres more to it than Yarn.

but what will be next? Samus' Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong's Epic Yarn?


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ohhaime wrote:

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

So will the yarn world be some place that all dormant Nintendo characters will go when they havent had a new game in a while? XD

Fox X Falcon: Epic yarn!

Fox Mcloud and Captain Falcon fight for supremacy across both race tracks and epic space battles all made out of yarn! Watch the burning yarn fly when ships explode and Egos collide!

Ya know what, I could actually see that happen possibly, but even with the higher selling franchise characters. Just imagine Super Mario Bros doing this. Although seeing Yoshi in yarn 3D modeled kinda made me think the same could be done for enviorments too, and this might be a bit extreme for the concept in these yarn games, but imagine if they decided to take a 3D platformer direction with each. Not that they really even have to go this route, just a little something fun to imagine, anyway.

That aside, despite that I don't usually buy into spin-offs such as this all that much, it did kinda put a smile on my face to see Yoshi again.

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Aviator wrote:

but what will be next? Samus' Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong's Epic Yarn?

New Super Mario Yarn U.

Just for you.
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All I can say at the moment is that I'm probably buying it. And if they were to continue the "Yarn" Series of spin-offs, then Donkey Kong would definitely be the next target. (It's probably not going to happen, but still.)

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Why so much hate on Epic Yarn? That game was fantastic! Easy yes but it was an awesome game.

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Yeah, I loved Epic Yarn myself, can't wait for Yoshi Yarn!



I have a feeling the video was just a proof of concept. Some of the photos they showed also gave that impression. I believe Iwata also mentioned that they wanted to show how attractive a new Yoshi game could be so perhaps it was just an example (the placeholder gems make it feel that way)? We really don't know how far along the game is in development after all.

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It's cute...but until I see a game worth playing I'll pass.

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I'd be interesting to see Epic Yarn become a spin off series with Nintendo characters. It's not too far-fetched of an idea.
In KEY, Yin Yarn invaded dreamland and turned it to yarn, what's stopping him from going to yoshi's islands and turning to yarn? The aesthetics of Yoshi's Island are there.. just now in a Yarn style.

Also, to the people complaining it will be easy and Yoshi should get a better game. You know nothing about it.. just that It looks like Epic Yarn. Yoshi games are for the most part easy, look at Yoshi's Story. Lastly, just be grateful Yoshi GETS a game, unlikely but after KEY we got Return to Dreamland so who knows.



Yrreiht wrote:

Why so much hate on Epic Yarn? That game was fantastic! Easy yes but it was an awesome game.

qft!!!!!!!!!! such an awesome game, even if it's easy

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I loved Epic Yarn. It felt like someone had vomited joy onto the screen. I would question people who say it was too easy though. How would you propose they up the difficulty? And why would you want that? Burning through the story is one thing, but finishing the game to completion, with all the bead medals, fabrics, etc took me a good 12 hours or more. It's forgiving rather than easy, and the challenge was there if you wanted it.




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Looks incredibly cute,and a instant buy for me.

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